If you believe that it’s hard for your company to find good tech talent these days, imagine what it must be like for your customers when technology isn’t their primary business. This line of thinking may not be one that crosses the mind of many MSPs because they’re in the trenches every day. The reality of the qualified tech worker shortage is one that hits the average business owner hard.


This is something that should be a priority for MSPs when they’re thinking about how they can help a customer or prospect decide on an outsourced solution.


Recently InfoWorld reported on a study from TechAmerica Foundation about tech jobs in the U.S. While the job growth is up, there is an underlying concern:

We continue to be encouraged by the consistent growth of technology jobs,” said Matthew Kazmierczak, vice president of research and reports for the TechAmerica Foundation. “However, we are concerned that the rate of growth in the technology industry is lagging behind that of the overall private sector. Too often we hear from technology hiring managers and executives about the difficulty in finding qualified and eligible workers. This is particularly troubling for an industry that is at the center of the innovation economy.

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. If the tech sector is having trouble finding qualified applicants to fill positions, how much harder is it for businesses where tech is not their focus, but remains necessary for them to function at all? That’s where the well prepared MSP comes into the picture. No longer are you simply selling a solution that helps them with their IT delivery needs; instead, you’re solving several other headaches as well.

When an SMB can put aside the worries of hiring and training IT staff because they moved the heavy lifting to a trusted MSP, they become a customer for life. Not only is the MSP providing talent that is likely to be even better than what that business could find on their own, but they are virtually eliminating the related stress from their customer’s view.

It’s at this point that an MSP begins to look more like a business partner and less like a vendor. The truth is, companies will shop vendors but rarely will they shop business partners.

So, leverage the true benefits of your service to potential customers and those that are already using your services. Make sure they understand the impact that using your service has on their entire business and not just in the realm of IT. Once your customers realize that you’re helping them save more and do more, they’re more likely to deepen their relationship with you, including buying more services. That chance may never happen until you help them fully understand how your services are impacting their business in more ways than just being an IT solution.

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