As we come to the close of our Understanding the Essential Eight series, I hope you’ve had the chance to digest all of our discussions and can utilise these tips when speaking with clients around the importance of proper security practices. Remember, it is not just us as an industry providing these recommendations, governments are too.

While these basic strategies can be used to raise awareness in sales conversations, as well as through ongoing training and support, I’d like to take this opportunity to wrap a nice bow on the series and discuss the key to establishing a multi-layered security strategy.

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“I Have Applied These Standards to My Clients, So Are We All Set?”

If only like were that simple. While these basic steps will go a long way to helping secure your clients IT environments, in many cases there is much more that is needed. MSPs provide additional security elements today as standard; from antivirus to full endpoint protection, firewalls, email filters, etc. This is designed to help mitigate against new potential vulnerabilities that exist today.

To truly understand what you need to do, you have to think like a hacker.

This is easier said than done, as I would like to think that most people do not immediately think of how to take advantage of vulnerabilities and go out of their way to commit a nefarious act. This is why security specialists are in high demand; they have been coached and trained to do exactly that, to delve into the mind of a hacker. Some of the most well known security experts out there today were actually hackers in a previous life.

Kevin Mitnick, was a keynote speaker at Continuum’s Navigate 2017 conference, and is a world-renowned security expert. He is most famous for being arrested for various cyber crime activities, but today he runs a successful security consultancy that caters to Fortune 500 companies and the FBI.

“How Do I Get My Own Security Expert for My MSP?”

While security consultants are in high demand, there is an endemic shortage of qualified experts. So, if you are looking for a change in career, I highly recommend you take a look there.

This does have a massive impact for MSPs (particularly the ones that cater to SMBs and SMEs) trying to find their own Kevin Mitnick. Due to the skill shortage, large enterprises, banks and corporations are paying top dollar for security expertise. Even if you get lucky finding one, retaining them is a completely different story.

On top of this, trying to also find the tools that they need to support this has become extremely challenging, to say the least. Relying on just one person to support your entire client base is also a problem, unless they are a robot that never sleeps.

"So, Where Do I Go from Here?"

Well for starters, you will need to create a business plan to help outline your security offering and plan of attack when going to market. This is where Continuum can help.

Our team of security experts have done the hard work for you and created the Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan to help get you started.

This comprehensive plan is designed for MSPs to go out and drive their business to cater to the ever-expanding need for cyber security. I can help you look for the right tools, guide you on how to speak with your clients, how to set up pricing and packaging, and everything in between.

Being able to sit down with your clients, guide them through the landscape, and raise awareness of the risks that exist today will go a long way in positioning yourself as a valued and trusted advisor.

Today’s market is shifting, and soon there will be no distinction between MSP and MSSP. Now, clients are expecting and holding there MSPs accountable for their security requirements. If you aren’t looking at cyber security today or don’t yet have a solidified offering, you’re at risk of being left behind.

“What Can Continuum Security Provide?”

At Continuum, we acknowledge the challenges that MSPs and our partners are facing today, and we’ve worked to address these problems through our range of products and services.

Profile & Protect takes a step beyond foundational security, offering near real-time monitoring to provide you with perpetual insight into your end-clients’ environments. In turn, this allows you to see changes in a clients risk profile and respond promptly and efficiently to potential threats.

Detect & Respond – Endpoint is an advanced solution that looks not only for known threats on the endpoint level, but also identifies threats from abnormal behaviour to protect against new or unknown threats.

And finally, Detect & Respond – Network is a SIEM threat intelligence solution that analyses and monitors the wider network to identify active threats from risky and malicious behaviour.

On top of all of this, the Continuum SOC will actively monitor and mitigate threats in real-time, providing you and your clients with the high standard of security and peace of mind that is so critical today.

By taking action and protecting your clients with a multi-layered security offering, you are greatly reducing their risk in the changing and worsening threat landscape.

“2019 will be the year of security. As will 2020, 2021 and beyond.” – Michael George, Continuum CEO

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