VIDEO: U.S. & European Data Pact Gets Struck Down: IT Rewind Episode 53

A data transfer agreement between the United States and Europe was struck down on Tuesday. Meanwhile, a new Android malware is affecting users in more than 20 countries. To hear more, just click play!

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Data Transfer Pact Between U.S. And Europe Is Ruled Invalid

The New York Times, @nytimes, Mark Scott

Android Malware Hammers Phones With Unwanted Ads

Network World, @NetworkWorld, Jeremy Kirk


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After a week in Las Vegas, we’re back in the Boston studios for this week’s episode of IT Rewind. Let’s do it!

On Tuesday, Europe’s highest court declared that an international agreement that allowed digital information to be moved between the EU and the United States was invalid. The agreement was struck down because though it, the United States was able to gain routine access to the online information of Europeans. The digital information in question included things like web search history and social media updates. Data protection advocates praised the decision, but larger companies were put in a bit of a bind due to the fact that they rely heavily on the easy flow of data. The discrepancies in the agreement were brought forward by Edward Snowden, the former contractor for the National Security Agency.

A malware program called Kemoge is blasting Android phones with unwanted advertisements. Devices in more than 20 countries are becoming infected when legitimate apps seeded with the malware are downloaded. The creaters are believed too be Chineese hackers who repackaged legitimate apps to include the malware and then prompted them to be downloaded through website and in-app advertisements. In addition to displaying unwanted ads, the malware includes 8 root exploits which would give the attacker complete control over the device.

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