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VIDEO: Don't be a NOCless Monster

Posted October 24, 2014by Ben Barker


Feeling tired? Can't make friends at the office? Never have time to relax? If you anwered yes to any of these questions, there's a serious chance that you're a NOCless Monster. Don't be a NOCless Monster.

More NOCtober Fun!

We've been promoting our NOC all month long, so if you missed some of the fun, catch up below! 




Now in Theaters...


Feeling drained from a long day of remediating easily solvable tickets? Are your eyes heavy from working multiple overnight shifts? Have no fear, the NOC is here! Take part in a hearty game of NOC, paper, scissors and find out why the NOC always wins! Watch the full video »


Claude Computing (Brandon Garcin) was doing everything that he could to keep his MSP business afloat. But with a growing number of endpoints to manage and a lack of in-house technicians, Claude was fighting an uphill battle. Sleepless nights and early mornings brought Claude to the breaking point. That's when it happened. All of Claude's problems vanished when he became...The NOCtopus.

This film is rated RMM... Watch the full video »


Carve those pumpkin faces, break out the cider, and throw leaves into the air because it's everyone's favorite month of the year, NOCtober! Each day, we're even more excited to bring you 31 days of Network Operations Center (NOC) awareness! Before you pop in that Hocus Pocus DVD, may we suggest an alternative video for your viewing pleasure? Presenting: NOC NOC Jokes by Continuum... Watch the full video »

All month long we're celebrating our NOC and the 650+ technicians who work tirelessly to deliver expert 24x7x365 service so that our partners' IT staff can focus on revenue-producing projects! 


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Ben is a Boston-based tech marketing expert, and an avid Boston sports fan.

Topics: RMM

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