Have you ever thought to yourself, I wonder what the movie Jaws would be like if it were about a virus and not a shark? So have we. To celebrate Shark Week, we decided to recreate the film's iconic town meeting scene, but with an IT twist. Join us as Chief Information Officer Brody Rhombus struggles to keep his office afloat after a horrifying virus attack endangers the livelihood of his clients' devices. In a role heralded by critics as "an unparalleled display of true acting grit," Glenn Barley reprises his role as Blake Break-Fix (Quint), a down-and-dirty Break-Fix type with a big head and a bad attitude. How will Brody handle this summer's scariest threat? Will the attacks continue? What will become of the end users of Amity Island?

Check out our latest cinematic masterpiece, and add "leverage the expertise and efficiency of a Network Operations Center (NOC)" to your MSP Summer BuckIT List!

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat... 

So in the end we find that the Network Operations Center (NOC) can really save your assets! And if Chief Brody had used Elite Server Care, there may not have been an issue in the first place!

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