The Internet’s addressing system announced on Wednesday that information related to user accounts from its public website has been obtained. Meanwhile, a new form of malware called “Funtenna” was demonstrated at a recent security conference. We cover these stories and more on IT Rewind! Just click play!

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ICANN Resets Passwords After Website Breach

InfoWorld, @infoworld, Jeremy Kirk, @Jeremy_Kirk

Funtenna Malware Takes to the Airwaves to Steal Data

eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Sean Michael Kerner

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Why Should They Buy From You? What Robin Robins Taught Me About Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

So you provide proactive IT support and specialize in serving clinics and hospitals? Big fat deal - so do your competitors! What truly differentiates your managed IT services from the guy around the block? What do you do better than every other IT solutions provider in your area who's prospecting to the same audience? 

Last week, I attended the Robin Robins Producer's Club Q3 event in Nashville, Tennessee. Each session was filled with actionable tech marketing and business management strategies, like developing a targeted email campaign to close prospects and debriefing your quarter. While both of these agenda items were helpful, Robin's workshop on Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) was particularly relevant for growth-driven MSPs, especially as the market becomes increasingly saturated. Keep reading for top takeaways from the session! Read More»

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Security holes:

         Sick of Flash Security Holes? HTML5 Has Its Own
         Network World@NetworkWorld, Paul Krill, @pjkrill

Australian mobile risk:

        All Australian Mobile Phones at Risk of Foreign Hacking, Says US Intelligence Committee Head Devin Nunes
        The Sydney Morning Herald, John Garnaut & Peter Hartcher@jgarnaut & @PeterHartcherAO

"Going Dark" going missing:

         Feasible 'Going Dark' Crypto Solution Nowhere to Be Found
         Threatpost, @threatpost, Michael Mimoso, @Mike_Mimoso


Hey there! Welcome back for another edition of IT Rewind. After a week off we’re back with the latest news from the world of IT. Let’s do it!

The Internet’s addressing system announced on Wednesday that information related to user account from its public website has been obtained. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has said that included in the obtained information was user names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, bios, interests, and newsletter subscriptions. However, there is good news. It does not appear that any financial information was divulged. As a response to the breach, those who use an ICANN website account will need to reset their passwords. Although the breached passwords were encrypted, it is not impossible for hackers to crack them.

At the recent Black Hat USA security conference, a new form of malware called “Funtenna” was demonstrated. Ang Sui provided detail on the malware, which takes to the airwaves to intentionally cause compromising emanation. As an example, Sui demonstrated how Funtenna code could be used to get a laser print to emanate a signal that could be encoded with information. From there, the signal could be picked up by a radio and demodulated to get encoded information.

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