So you've finished my first blog post on video production and are now ready to take video to the next level: using it in your sales and marketing campaigns. Video marketing is an untapped strategy for many companies, and they're leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of it. Did you know that 72% of B2B buyers watch videos throughout the entire buying process? And those videos you add to your web pages can increase your page conversion by 80%! 

In this high-level guide, I will explore the four stages of the marketing and sales funnel and provide examples for the best types of videos to showcase in each. Anyone can make these. Yes, even YOU!

Video is an awesome marketing tool used to enhance website pages, increase organic traffic, guide viewers toward purchase intent and delight customers after the sale. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a step back and review the whole sales and marketing funnel and video's role.

The funnel can be broken down into four stages: top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, bottom of the funnel and post-funnel.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Top of the Funnel

In this preliminary stage, you create videos to appeal to the masses. You just want to get your prospects' feet wet and introduce them to your business and brand. At this point, you're not even mentioning your product or detailing its core features. The viewer isn't ready for the sale...yet. To move them deeper into your website and help gain more of their trust, you can add a "click here to learn more" call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your introductory video. Here are some top of the funnel video ideas to get you started:

Thought Leadership

Organize quick one-on-one chats with your CEO, CIO, or other industry leaders and have them discuss the latest cybersecurity issue or their take on a new industry trend. Other popular and effective videos are weekly whiteboard walk-throughs. Moz has a great whiteboard series explaining how to increase your online visibility in search results. We also produce our own series, Continuum Coach's Corner. 

Creating video blogs is another easy way to demonstrate thought leadership in a fun way. Check out some of our favorite video blog posts:

Webinar Content

Do you host your own webinars? Repurpose those recordings into easy-to-produce videos!  

Company Culture

Do you have annual company outings? Have you ever had any dogs visit your office? Capture your company's eccentricities on film, and share with the world! Also, it's worth noting that dogs are easily one of the most shared video types out there.

Middle of the Funnel

While they're in this stage, your prospects are determining whether or not you are the right IT solutions provider for their business. You have to be persuasive and use your video content to encourage their conversion into a lead, if they've not yet become one. This simply means that these viewers supply their contact information so your sales team can follow-up. You want videos in this stage to elicit enough of a response that they'll fill out a form for additional information or content. That's why it's best to again include a CTA at the end of the video, pointing to a piece of content that edges them closer to closing. What are some examples of middle of the funnel videos?

Customer Testimonials

Company decision makers value the opinions of their peers when it comes to recommendations for products and services, especially if they face the same business challenges. It's like a word-of-mouth type of thing. If you have a few clients that are head over heels with you, ask them if they'd be comfortable giving a video testimonial!

Case Studies

Another form of testimonial is a case study. Take some time to visit a client, and document their day-to-day work. With that footage, you can weave in your client's story and have them detail the positive impact you've made on their business. Better yet, turn them into story-tellers, and ask them to recall a specific time when you recovered their data or saved them from indefinite downtime.

Bottom of the Funnel

At this point, it's make it or break it. You've stayed on top of your leads with engaging video content specific to their location within the sales funnel, and your sales team has begun working them. But how can you use video to cement this relationship and close these viewers into customers? Showcase your offering! 

Product or Service Demos

These videos help viewers understand what they'll be buying. If it's software, create a screen capture and narrate over the piece. If it's a service, stage a scene with actors (they don't have to be professional!) and narrate over that. You'll see we leverage these videos on our own product pages.


Congratulations, your prospects have become clients! Now, it's time to nurture this relationship with content that will confirm choosing you was the right choice. Who knows? This could even turn into an upsell or cross-sell opportunity down-the-road!

Onboarding Videos

Of course a phone call or in-person meeting would be your best bet for onboarding, but use these videos to answer frequently asked questions. Make it something that your client can refer back to at any time. 

Personalized Video

Personalized video is an up-and-coming concept that is sure to make a splash in the video marketing world. Having a personalized video in your emails has been shown to have a 16x increase in a click-to-open ratio. Wow! In non-marketing speak, that means more of your clients will do something with the emails you send them, rather than let them collect in their inboxes. 

Instructional Videos

Here at Continuum, we have our own self-paced learning academy, Continuum University. It's the perfect way to get partners up and running with our offerings. You can use similar training videos to nurture your relationships. Maybe the lesson is something as simple as helping them understand the nuances of Windows 10!


Like most marketing efforts, this isn't an overnight venture. It takes time to build a brand with video, and I'm positive that if you dedicate 5-10 hours a week to video marketing, you'll see real results over time. 

Have any questions about video? I'm all ears! Leave a comment or question below!


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