Claude Computing (Brandon Garcin) was doing everything that he could to keep his MSP business afloat. But with a growing number of endpoints to manage and a lack of in-house technicians, Claude was fighting an uphill battle. Sleepless nights and early mornings brought Claude to the breaking point. That's when it happened. All of Claude's problems vanished when he became...The NOCtopus.

This film is rated RMM...

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Mwaahahaha! NOCtor Evil knows how powerful Continuum's NOC is. Do you? #NOCtober #AustinPowers #IT

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That's a lot of technicians... We love our NOC! #NOCtober #Halloween #Fall #Tech

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All month long we're celebrating our NOC and the 650+ technicians who work tirelessly to deliver expert 24x7x365 service so that our partners' IT staff can focus on revenue-producing projects! 

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