We all know that a data breach is costly, but do you know how costly? How about $3.8 million, costly! The average cost of a data breach is rising, find out what this means for you! Meanwhile, the IRS is the latest victim of a massive data breach, find out who it is affecting. We cover these stories and more on IT Rewind!

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Cost of a Data Breach Continues to Rise

eWeek@eWEEKNews, Sean Michael Kerner, 

Thieves Used an Online IRS Service to Steal Info From 100,000 People

Gizmodo, @Gizmodo

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Smaller security staffs:

         IRS Cut Its Cyber Security Staff by 11% Over Four Years
         InfoWorld, @infoworld, Patrick Thibodeau, @DCgov


Hey everyone! After a week off we are back with another episode of IT Rewind! We all know that a data breach is costly, but do you know just how costly? Plus, the IRS has revealed that it is the latest data breach victim as 100,000 taxpayer accounts are at risk. We’ll cover these stories and more right now on IT Rewind!

A recent study conducted by The Ponemon Institute shows that the cost of a data breach is on the rise. In 2015, the average total cost for a breach of data is at $3.8 million dollars. Pretty steep, huh? The average cost per stolen record has risen from $145 in 2014 to $154 this year. Additionally, the report found that 47% of data breaches are caused by malicious or criminal attacks. So what does this mean for you? Well, information like this can be used as an eye-opener for your clients. The ability to attach a dollar figure with an IT risk could be just the nudge that a client or prospect needs to ramp up their IT security strategy.

It’s also worth noting that the Ponemon report found that 25% of data breaches were caused by human error. But just what does human error entail? We recently posted an article and video on our blog about this very topic. Here’s a sneak peak.

To see the full video and article, check out the link below.

The IRS is the latest victim of a massive data breach. Earlier this week, the IRS reported that its “Get Transcript” application was compromised by hackers, allowing the attackers to gain access to 100 thousand taxpayer accounts. Needless to say, the “Get Transcript” application is currently unavailable.

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