The presidential primary debate season is well underway with another Republican debate taking place tonight – and while we’re not expecting the candidates to spend too much time focusing on IT, there’s no shortage of tech issues to debate today.

In the spirit of the political season, we’ve put together our own debate around one of today’s leading IT topics – the cloud. Watch below as public, private and hybrid clouds each make their case for why they should be the go-to platform of choice and debate the merits of their respective architectures!

Alriiiiiiight! As with any political debate, it's time to review what you just watched. Yep, we want YOU to be the talking heads by answering any of the following in the comment section below:

1. Who do you think won the debate, and why?

2. What new information did you learn from the cloud candidates?

3. What questions do you have that weren't answered in the debate?

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