The cloud can be a mysterious and confusing concept, even for those in tech and IT services. And while there’s no denying the advantages presented by cloud computing, it’s not always easy to actually explain what the cloud is to colleagues, peers or potential customers.

To find out once and for all what the cloud actually is, our own Brody Rhombus hit the streets of Boston and asked people how they define it, how it works and how they’re using it. Not surprisingly, the responses were pretty mixed – and some were pretty hilarious. Tune in now to find out what we learned!

P.S. In reality, these people are no different than your clients and end users. If you're trying to sell cloud-based IT services and solutions, you need to know how to effectively define your offerings and speak their language. If you’re looking for real advice on how to explain cloud computing to your prospects and customers, check out our eBook below.