In the first half of 2014, Continuum Veterans Foundation has well surpassed its goal to place unemployed veterans with jobs through Hire Heroes USA Veteran Transition Program! Since December 2013, our foundation, helping returning troops find jobs in the IT industry, has served 142 veterans, transitioning troops and spouses.

We're now beyond thrilled to announce that 81 previously unemployed veterans have been placed in non-military jobs as a result of Contnuum Veterans Foundation's $50,000 donation! That's way more than the 50 jobs we aimed to reach, with still half the year remaining! 


“Through the support of the Continuum Veterans Foundation, we are delighted to have helped so many veterans in their quest to transition to non-military jobs across the country. Continuum sets a notable example of supporting our troops after their dedicated service to our country and at a time when they need job placement assistance. Through the support of the Continuum Veterans Foundation, we look forward to continuing our mission in supporting our veterans and their careers.” ~Brian Stann, President and CEO of Hire Heroes USA~


Hire Heroes USA Mission

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Hire Heroes USA is dedicated to creating job opportunities for U.S. military veterans and their spouses through personalized employment training and corporate engagement. Hire Heroes USA’s primary goal is to lower the veteran unemployment rate, measured by the organization’s ability to help veterans and their spouses gain employment. Hire Heroes USA has gained national recognition for its comprehensive “recruitment to placement” continuum of veteran assistance and corporate engagement, resulting in two veterans confirmed hired every day.


How Did Continuum Become Involved? 

In July 2012, we established the Continuum Veterans Foundation to provide financial support to local and national charities focusing on helping veterans find jobs in IT. Continuum is the primary donor to the Continuum Veterans Foundation with a percentage of revenue from our Service Desk going to the Foundation. We also provide preferential consideration in hiring veterans at the company.


“We believe it is essential for successful companies to stand for a purpose beyond revenue and to support causes far greater than itself. Continuum is committed to hiring veterans and calls upon other U.S. businesses to do the same. Uniquely skilled, veterans come with commitment, adaptability and loyalty, and because of their service to our country and preserving our freedom and independence, they deserve great opportunity. We are delighted that our investment in Hire Heroes USA has helped so many veterans transition to non-military jobs, and we look toward a hopeful future for our veterans.” ~Michael George, CEO at Continuum~


Hire Heroes USA assists veterans with career transition primarily through its online and telephone coaching program as well as its in-person Warrior Transition Workshops. For more information on Hire Heroes USA, visit:

For more information on the Continuum Veterans Foundation, visit:

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