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Take a moment to recall being in your early 20's again. What do you remember most? Everyone thinks back on their first job, the day they graduated, the new phenomenon called "the real world." You probably also remember how excited, but mostly how nervous you were for your new adult life to begin. Of course, you don't always get it right when you're younger, especially when navigating your career path.

They say hindsight is 20/20 so we wanted to know what advice you'd have for the 25-year-old version of yourself. If you could go back in time and have a conversation with your younger self, what wisdom would you impart? In the latest in our series of IT Community posts, we took this prompt to our online Reddit and Spiceworks communities to get the skinny from your fellow MSPs and technicians. Find out what they had to say!

Just do it!

Bad habits die-hard and procrastination is one of them. Many of you would tell yourselves to “get into IT now instead of waiting 4 more years.” One participant stated he'd urge himself to “do it, do it now," claiming he "was a big procrastinator and put off way too many things.” Most community members wanted their 25-year-old selves to stop wasting time. Many of you wished you'd have set up a home lab to learn and gain practical experience. Check out the two Reddit responses below that explain how valuable a lab was to each participant. They also talk about getting certifications and building their own business. Keep reading for more of these responses in the next section.



Be an entrepreneur

Running your own business can be challenging, but our IT community seems to think it’s worth it. Many responses expressed the need for IT millennials to work towards becoming their own bosses. First and foremost, you have to know what you’re doing. That's why the IT pros suggest getting certified! One respondant said they'd tell themselves "not to stop at the degree and get the certifications."


Don't give up 

Many of you believe youth in their 20's can be so stubborn that your advice would fall on deaf ears. Some respondents said they wouldn't even think about it, that their 25-year-old selves "still wouldn't listen" and would have ignored them completely. Still, you should never say never. Below, is a perfect example of a participant who saw the IT light early in life: 



One word: Invest. Many of you believe you should have started investing at a younger age, but especially in Google! 






Words of wisdom

Here is a list of some general tips that we thought would be helpful!




Honorable mentions

Of course, some responses didn't fit into any of these categories, but are definitely worth noting...



For the rest of you, playing the lottery was the best course of action.


We hope this post was a fun stroll down Memory Lane. Were you able to relate to any of these responses? Why did you go into the IT industry, in the first place? Leave a comment below or continue the conversation in our existing Spiceworks and Reddit threads:



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