What_Do_You_Do_on_Your_First_MSP_Appointment_Webinar.jpgSo, you got through to the right decision maker and scored an appointment with the owner of your target company. This first appointment is your opportunity to make an impact and make your prospect feel like you're a perfect match, the milk to their cookies! What's your strategy? Are you prepared to answer every question thrown your way? What happens on this visit will determine whether you'll be able to close the prospect into a customer. 

Join Dale Stein, Partner at Voice Smart Networks, Southern California’s leading managed services provider, and Co-Founder of Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an organization that brings together communications companies in North America including IT, telecommunications, AV, Surveillance, Video and Telepresence, Managed Services and Managed Print, for this penultimate webinar in a four part series about the MSP appointment and sales process. Catch up with our last webinar, What Do You Do on Your First Appointment?, and register for our final installment this Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST!

Dale understands how crucial it is to ask the right series of questions that will impact your ability to get the MSP sale. The key is for you to guide the conversation. Even though the conversation can go in a thousand different ways, Dale has some easy, effective strategies that will at least get you to a second appointment. The sales process can be challenging, but following the TAG series makes it look like a piece of cake! Here are some key takeaways for MSPs, but if you want to get the full inside scoop, download the webinar here. Also, we're holding the last webinar in the TAG series, Presenting your MSP Proposal: 3 Keys to Increasing Your Close Ratio, this Wednesday so don't forget to sign-up below! 

Be a good listener!

One skill that successful people work on is listening, believe it or not! And this doesn't only apply to your significant other. It's not possible to understand your prospect's pain points if you don't hear them first. Michael Forbes, the American entrepreneur most prominently known for Forbes magazine, agrees that "the art of conversation lies in listening." As an MSP, you probably have a laundry list of products and services you can offer to your prospect, but selling this suite would definitely take more than one appointment to accomplish. Dale suggests you use this meeting to fully understand your prospect's business needs and pain points. This is just one skill everyone can work toward improving in order to figure out how to become a match made in heaven with prospects.

I can be your solution

Now you can't just come out and say it, but the by the end of the appointment you want your prospect to doubt the products and services they are currently using. Your questions should help them discover what's missing from their current offering. In an industry that's constantly changing, it's imperative to stay competitive and current with your solutions. Maybe your prospect doesn't know how they could be doing better. A good way to start is to help them identify goals for their business and work with them to develop blueprints mapping out how they'll get there. In this latest webinar, Dale explains how MSPs can help potential clients get from point A to point B, making them feel good about doing business with you. 

I'm here to help 

An important takeaway from the webinar is that "people buy from people they like, trust and respect." Dale emphasizes holding off on traditional selling strategies and instead, advocates educating. You are here to help them because you believe their company is a company you wish to do business with. Most prospects are taken aback by this and automatically change their mindset, viewing your visit as an almost "consulting" appointment, rather than a sales appointment. The bottom line is that you're there to help them. Yes, you will make revenue from the sale, but you also believe your products and services will make their business stronger and better overall. 

Last step to closing the deal

We hope you've found this four part webinar series helpful so far. If you're new to our program with TAG's Dale Stein, we invite you to catch up before our last webinar, Presenting Your MSP Proposal: 3 Keys to Increasing Your Close Ratio! During Wednesday's webinar you'll learn how to present a proper proposal presentation that will increase your close ratio tenfold!

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