Backup and Disaster Recovery is a critical offering in any MSP portfolio today. Data is playing an increasingly-important role in decision making processes, and compliance, retention and regulatory requirements are becoming more restrictive across a number of key verticals and industries. 

As an MSP, your clients depend on you to ensure their data is secure, backed up, and accessible when needed – and today’s evolving threat landscape is only further complicating things. The days of leveraging BDR solely as a preventative measure against natural disasters are long gone, and today new threats and security risks including malware attacks, hardware failures, user error and more are making BDR even more difficult to manage.

And in addition to working to prevent these threats, you’ll also need a technical BDR staff in place to do things like monitor and verify backups, adjust retention policies, troubleshoot failures and more – and the costs associated with hiring, training and retaining these team members can add up quickly. 

That’s where a fully-managed BDR platform can help. Rather than needing to hire additional staff (or burden your existing technical staff with a hefty list of day-to-day tasks and routine maintenance), a fully-managed BDR platform can provide you with turnkey access to a team of experts who are handling this work behind-the-scenes 24x7. 

Continuum BDR is Continuum’s fully-managed BDR platform, and when it’s deployed our expert technicians are deployed right alongside it – providing true end-to-end management and verification of backups, monitoring appliances and protected machines, troubleshooting and remediating issues, and more. 

Check out the infographic below to learn more about the total cost of ownership for BDR and how Continuum BDR’s fully-managed approach can help you provide unparalleled peace of mind to your customers!

Continuum Continuity247 Total Cost of Ownership of Backup and Disaster Recovery Detailed