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If you attended Navigate 2016, you likely know that the Grow Your Business Hub was one of the highlights of the conference. In addition to receiving a thumb drive loaded with white-label marketing collateral, partners were able to learn about new opportunities to market their business and discuss new paths to profitability through more effective sales efforts. For three days, MSPs met with members of Continuum’s sales and marketing teams to discuss, consult and strategize about their overall plans to take their businesses to the next level.

However, MSPs weren’t the only ones who walked away with new learnings at the Grow Your Business Hub. In order to better serve partners, the Grow Your Business Hub team was listening and learning also, and had some great takeaways and insight on the goals and best practices for MSPs in terms of sales and marketing.

On a recent MSP Radio episode, Grow Your Business Hub Organizer Brandon Garcin and numerous members of the team sat down to discuss various aspects of MSP marketing. In this excerpt, Brandon discusses the shifting goals of MSPs—from being a basic IT vendor to becoming a strategic advisor, and how Continuum can help you achieve that goal—and the potential profits that may come with it:

“I think we're kind of all just dancing around the idea that people don't know what they don't know, right? So we try to help our partners bridge those gaps, and everybody as an IT provider today wants to be that strategic advisor.

They (MSPs) want to be that consultant where a small business owner can look to them not just for point solutions, not just for hardware, but also for advice, for some kind of roadmap, where an MSP will actually work with their customers to figure out, ‘what does success look like for you over the next three, five, 10 years.’

As an MSP, I'm gonna come in and work with my client to kind of align your business vision or your goals, your business goals. I'm gonna take those and align those with technology that's coming out. As a provider, I'm staying ahead of the curve, I'm looking to the cloud, I'm looking to the Internet of Things and all these new trends that are evolving. So what we do on the marketing and sales side of the house is really try to help MSPs educate prospects and their end customers on these concepts. The question is, how do we help MSPs successfully create that message at a local level? Because if everybody says they're a strategic advisor, then nobody is going to be.

So, we've really tried to help people get specific and targeted with the language they're using, the content they're creating, the deliverables they're pushing out there, so that they can really take that position and stand on that pedestal where a prospect is gonna say, 'Hey, I should partner up with this organization because they know what they're talking about. They're gonna help take me into the future successfully.'"

The Grow Your Business Recap episode of MSP Radio featured other discussions as well, on web design, SEO best practices, email marketing, social media strategy, content creation, prospect calling and cold-calling strategies. Tune in now!