Happy New Year everyone! As we head into 2015, many of us, both individuals and companies, use the New Year to evaluate our values.

Whether you’re a Continuum partner or not, you may know that Continuum is a channel-exclusive company. We toss that term around a lot, but what does it really mean to be channel-exclusive?

It’s one of our core values and something we’re very proud of here at Continuum. So we thought we’d take a minute to explain what it means to us (and what it means for you) to be channel-exclusive.


We Only Sell to the IT Channel

Channel-exclusive means we exclusively sell to the IT Channel. Well…duh?!

However, this is a point we want to emphasize. We only sell to the channel, which means we never sell to your clients.

We screen all of our leads that come in to make sure they’re an MSP before they ever see a pricing sheet, let alone start a trial of our platform. That means that if they’re an end-user, we simply tell them that we only sell to the channel and can't suit them. 

We’ve also built our portal to be completely white-labeled, which means your clients never know it’s us behind the scenes. You can use our products and services as if they were your own, meaning you get to be the superhero to your clients…not us. 

So yes, channel-exclusive does mean that we sell only to the channel. But in an industry where many vendors have begun selling direct to end-users, we want to emphasize our commitment to selling only to the IT channel.


Our Products and Services Are Built for You

A major benefit of being channel-exclusive means we have a very specific target market…you! Our products and services are built specifically for MSPs looking to grow their business. We understand your struggles as an MSP and have positioned our product portfolio to align with your needs. 

Our software products are packaged in a way that lets you quickly and effectively roll them out to your clients and our pricing allows you to make a healthy margin on those products. Additionally, our service offerings are designed to help you offload the tasks that may be holding your business back (i.e. support calls or ticket remediation). 

Your needs are different from your clients’ needs. Because we sell only to you, our products and services are designed to help you solve your unique problems.


We’re Dependent on You

That’s right, being channel-exclusive means that we’re dependent on you as our partner. In order for us to be successful, you need to be successful. As a company, we’re betting on the Channel…and betting on you

This is the most important piece for us – we’re committed to you and dependent on you. That means that we’ll do everything in our power to help you be successful in managed IT services. So whether that means building a new product, creating white-label marketing materials for you, or just working with you one-on-one to help you land a new client, we are fully committed to you because we are dependent on you.



So while this blog post may seem focused on us, we wanted to use it to emphasize our 100% commitment to you.

You’re not our customer and we’re not your vendor. We’re partners because our success is shared. For us, that’s what it truly means to be channel-exclusive.