MSPs trying to differentiate from the pack are constantly striving for better and faster support. Staffing large teams to handle Help Desk requests and incidents is no longer a viable strategy as the pool of qualified and interested technicians becomes thin. MSPs should be looking to leverage automation for common system administration and Help Desk tasks. Automation is the shift left for the forward looking MSP. Instead of creating tribal knowledge with specialized or high skilled techs, MSPs need to generate automation that can be leveraged across their install base. 

Why Is Automation Important?

Automation has an impact in many critical areas of an MSPs business. Automation has a direct effect on the consistency and efficiency of the work end users are requiring from the IT provider. Automating administration tasks based on standard operating procedures MSPS Reduce the risks of IT by eliminating variability in customer setups, desk top configurations and network.

The competitive environment for MSPs is obviously heating up as technology changes require more specialization. Staffing is becoming tougher and skilled resources are more expensive. Customers in the SMBs are looking for the same benefits normally ascribed to the enterprise customer space. Making the transition to automation enables in MSP to deliver better support more efficiently and leverage economies of scale delivered by automation.

Embracing automation is becoming more important every day. Enterprises using IT automation have shown significant gains in productivity and efficiency and at the same time delivering outcomes for there customers that are high quality and consistent enhancing the overall customer experience. Bottom line: automation is a critical element for MSPS to consider in business planning for 2019 and 2020. 

What Comes Next?

Continuum’s automation capabilities are a disruptive technology for MSPs supporting SMBs. Reactive automation driven by services allows a customer to structure a solution for a common set of problems and click to resolve. This automation using the Continuum platform are both faster and more consistent than even the most well documented solutions. Automation-as-a-Service is available now and can be leveraged in the Continuum Platform. Automation-driven services are being developed today and will be available later this year. 

What’s next for Continuum? In 2020 Continuum will further disrupt the MSP landscape by delivering proactive automation. Automation-driven support provides a detect and respond approach for common end user issues and desktop administration tasks. MSPs looking to deliver world class support will be thrilled to see the next generation capabilities coming in 2020. 

The Continuum team is excited to participate in CMIT Elevate 2019 this week—who's going?! We hope to see you there, and we're looking forward to CMIT sharing some big news about Continuum Fortify