Welcome back to the last installment of my blog series focused on helping you increase your client retention and revenue through onboarding best practices and strategies! Throughout this series, we’ve discussed how to analyze your onboarding journey from the client’s perspective, demonstrate your value from day one, properly set expectations with touchpoints, and overcome common onboarding challenges. If you’ve been following along, you’re well on your way to building long-lasting, profitable relationships with your clients. However, for those of you who still struggle with low client retention rates or decreased client satisfaction, it’s time to uncover where the weak points are in your client onboarding process.

By taking the short quiz below, you’ll be able to better understand where your strengths are in your onboarding process and where there may be some gaps. I will then provide you with the resources you need to start making improvements, optimize your onboarding process, and accelerate your retention and growth rates. Let’s get started!


Thank you all for following along with my blog series! It was a great success, so I have decided to expand into similar topics in the near future. Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog series on managing risk, account management best practices, surveying best practices, and annual business reviews. My focus will be to deliver content to help you retain and grow your client base through client engagement and best-in-class client experience management.

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