Are you ready to have the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) discussion with your clients and prospects? Maybe you've already tried to win them over, but haven't had any success. Why is that? More often than not, MSPs fail to sell their BDR and business continuity services because they fail to establish the need within their prospect base. As should be the case with any solution you sell, step one involves knowing who it is you're selling to and identifying what they need to know in order to be convinced.

Does the average small- and medium-sized business (SMB) you target know what BDR is or how it differs from a local backup only solution? Are the business owners you speak to aware of all the possible threats to their company's sensitive data? Do they know what's at stake if their organization experiences data loss or a breach? Probably not, yet this information all speaks to the value of your BDR solution. So to help you out, we've created this explanatory SlideShare, sharing useful messages and statistics to leverage in your next BDR sale.



As SMBs move their most valuable data from on-premises, MSPs can help their clients overcome challenges and prevent data loss with SaaS Backup. To learn more, download our new white paper, SaaS Data Backup - Everything You Need to Know (and Do) About It!