Nobody underestimates the importance of customer service. I have yet to come across a service provider in the past 15 years who would state otherwise. It's laughable to see organizations use "customer focused" or "good with customers" as differentiator because it's equally as laughable to think about an MSP who would say they are "customer indifferent" or "content to be mediocre at giving service". Technology service companies are just as much service companies, if not more, than technology companies. We all get that customer service is critical to growth and survival.

This would be a very short and obvious blog entry if it weren't for one major point: The number one reason we see clients fire MSPs is bad customer service!  If we all understand how important this is, why is it still such a primary industry problem? 

Clients are the judge, jury, and executioner of our customer service success and just because we "get it" doesn't mean we are giving it. After years of digging deep into the client experience, I've come to the conclusion that clients who are unhappy are rarely receiving entirely bad service. They are getting incomplete service. Focusing on complete service rather than just good service begins a journey of truly satisfying clients.


What is complete service?

Complete service is service that touches all the bases and meets all the needs of diverse personalities and situations. From the demanding CEO to the laid back marketing guy, people interpret service experience differently. Find success across the board by making sure that all service experiences have the three traits of complete service: Connection, Process, and Creativity.

1. Connection

The more we connect with someone on a human level, the easier they will trust us. The easier they trust us, the more they will feel that we understand their problem. This allows us to have a joint pursuit of success with our client and a much higher chance of meeting their needs.

2. Process

No matter how much a client loves us, they need consistency. 90% of 5-star service doesn't cut it if the other 10% of service is missed entirely. Quality service processes are there to spread the workload and catch us when we stumble.

3. Creativity

We're primed for success when we've got both human connection and a solid process, but most solutions require actual thinking. Employing creative thinking in our solutions allows us to more sharply solve the actual problem. 

Delivering complete service means clients are getting the right solutions to their true problems every time, from people they want to see succeed. It's important to integrate these three traits into both our processes and our teams. Meeting the needs of all types of personalities in all types of service situations won't happen without it. Stay tuned as we dig deeper into these three aspects of complete service in the coming weeks. 


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