Why MSP Technicians Need a Good User Experience (UX)

In my previous blog post, I gave you a brief history of user experience (UX) and why it’s important to think about, especially for MSPs. Whether we realize it or not, UX impacts our daily tasks and lives—and a good or bad UX can directly affect how efficient you are in servicing your clients.

As part of the UX team at Continuum, we constantly assess and examine the day-to-day tasks an MSP technician must perform to support his clients. We’ve made a commitment to dissecting each interaction between MSP and machine, so that we can optimize both their experience and daily productivity. Essentially, our goal is to help our partners better solve their clients’ issues. We’ve conducted research and gathered feedback, translating it all into new features and optimized workflows in our ITSupport Portal. This new user experience is designed with efficiency in mind—see how it can help you better tackle your ‘to-do’ list in the examples below.

“Doing More with Less Clicks”

Let’s say that Frank, your client, calls to say that his laptop is dead and doesn’t know why. And, he isn’t logged on and doesn’t remember his machine name. What should you, the MSP, do when a client calls about their laptop? How can you easily find this device and fix the problem?

Searching for a device is something that MSP technicians do on a daily basis. As a UX team, one of our goals is to bring functionality up to the surface—giving our partners the ability to take an action without having to dig into multiple pages.

In our new design below—coming soon—is the ability for techs to quickly search for the laptop and get to the root cause of the problem. All you have to do is hover, hover, type and click.

Find a Device


“Checking the Status of a Patch and Deploying Patches”

How does a technician 1) know which patches are out-of-date, and 2) easily deploy a patch for a device or group of devices? If a technician discovers that there are 12 devices that need updating, his next step should be to easily deploy those out-of-date patches.

Patch management is one of the most common tasks for a technician. Our goal is to offer the ability for the tech to take action upon discovery—wherever he is in the ITSupport Portal. In our new design, we will alert the technician about out-of-date and expired patches, and give him the ability to remediate and apply patches right then and there.

Patch Management


“Being Resource Constrained Is a Problem”

Often, we hear that MSP partners cannot add to their team of technicians. Instead, they seek ways for techs to easily complete a set of tasks in the speediest way possible—a common task like installing software on new laptops, for example. So how can a technician do this as quickly as possible?

The ability to automate common and repeated tasks is a major need for our partners. Our goal is to offer automation wherever possible. In our upcoming new design, the technician can create a set of tasks in a sequence and set it to a group of devices to run at a set time. He can also easily add a conditional statement if device is offline, then the task will try again upon next login. With the power of automation, techs can gain that valuable time back in their day.

Task Sequencing


“I Need to Run Technical Reports (Disk Space, Utilization, Backups, etc.) for My Manager and/or Client”

If a manager needs a report for a particular client, the tech needs to quickly find it and run it.

Running reports also falls under the common tasks of an MSP technician, and ideally, you’d like to be able to do so fairly easily. Our goal is to let our partners personalize their experience. In our new design, partners will be able to favorite or personalize the most popular reports to display at the navigation level. All your favorite and frequent reports will be just one click away.

Client Reports


The UX team will continue our journey of seeking out the tasks of our MSP partners, recognizing that the time spent on these tasks add up. As we optimize the workflows, we will always keep in mind our goal to create an experience that will increase our partners’ productivity and efficiency through speed and automation.

If you’ll be at Navigate 2018 and would like to learn more about the exciting changes in the ITSupport Portal, stop by for a chat at the Continuum booth or attend our session, Are You Getting the Most out of the ITSupport Portal?, on Thursday, September 27.


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