To deliver great service and make a profit, you need to focus your energy on people, technology and process. Process is however the most overlooked element of most businesses, why? Largely because it's perceived as a difficult and painful thing to resolve. The truth is there is a huge untapped potential for profitability in working on this area of your business, but why?

It is estimated that IT staff spend 20-30 percent of their time looking for information. This is costing on average of $19,000 per employee per year. This doesn’t even factor in the opportunity cost of the wasted time, which can multiply this cost by two or more.

Time, Where Does It Go?

There are many sources of time waste common across IT businesses:

  • Searching for documents and not being able to locate them

  • Recreating documents that can't be found

  • Managing version control issues around documents

  • Consolidating all of the information into one document

  • Moving from paper documentation to electronic records

  • Storing sensitive documentation (e.g. passwords)

The inability to locate and retrieve information is affecting the ability of your business to serve customer needs, make quality decisions and maximize sales opportunities.

The True Cost of Poor Documentation

We decided to create a tool to provide some insight into the true cost of poor documentation for your business. This tool aims to take into account the actual cost and opportunity cost to your business, begging the question: what would your people be doing if they weren’t wasting so much time researching and looking for information?


View the IT Glue Cost of Waste Calculator


Reducing Time Waste in Your MSP

Businesses that invest in standardization of technology and process almost unilaterally deliver better bottom line performance. Have you considered why this is?

To deliver a faster, higher quality service at a price that gives you a great bottom line:

  • You must be able to execute the same tasks faster than others

  • You must be able to lower the costs to execute tasks 

To achieve this, you have to invest in processes and documentation that will allow your team to be more productive by:

  • Creating and managing documentation efficiently

  • Locating information quickly and in a standardized way

  • Allowing for collaboration around documentation

  • Allowing for structuring of your information in useful ways

  • Allowing for your information to be held in a secure way

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