Have you and your clients grown numb to statistics showing the amount of digital data being generated in today’s IT landscape? The small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) you serve rely on 24x7x365 access to a myriad of data for day-to-day operations, customer understanding and essential business metrics. Due to the abundance of business-critical information, protecting and managing big data has become their top priority. However, many SMBs have not fully connected the dots between developing and implementing business continuity as a data preservation strategy and growing business profitability as a result.

As an MSP, this presents a perfect opportunity for you to position your business continuity solution. Should clients’ systems go offline, you’ll be able to quickly restore the data they need to continue working. But how can you establish this need for “always-on” capability and backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services? As a virtual CIO (vCIO), you’re responsible for developing and implementing a data strategy that enables constant uptime and employee productivity.

Instead of boring your clients and prospects with another hockey stick-shaped graph showing the exponential explosion of data, show them that you understand their business needs! A major pain point for many SMBs today is that they don’t have the resources to properly manage all their data. Use this chart in your next sales presentation to illustrate why data is becoming more important and how clients can easily protect and manage their data with a business continuity solution!

Today, we commonly hear data being referred to as the currency of the digital economy or the lifeblood of any organization. However, the amount being produced today is only the beginning of the story. In understanding the drivers behind data growth and the potential ramifications of unregulated access to data, you can make your case for why potential clients need to adopt your business continuity solution.

When talking with a prospect or client, it’s imperative that you help them understand the extent to which round-the-clock access to data impacts their company’s productivity. Data is the basis for their daily decisions and operations, and the loss of that data means the loss of productivity – which leads to loss of financial stability! If you’re going to be able to explain the value of your business continuity solution, you need to emphasize the fact that you are providing peace of mind by keeping their essential business data safe and accessible. So how can you do that in your next meeting or proposal? To help you get started, we’ve pulled data from CompTIA’s Big Data Insights and Opportunities study.

See the chart below:


When presenting this chart in your proposal, use these two talking points to drive home the value of your business continuity offering:

  1. You need to have 24x7x365 access to data. As you can see, 60 percent of respondents use data to develop more effective ways to engage with customers, and 59 percent use data to measure important business objectives. If you didn’t have access to this data, what would happen to your customer relationships, or how would you be able to measure and understand your business metrics? More importantly, 63 percent of respondents said they rely on data for daily business operations. What would happen if your day-to-day operations came to a halt? With a reliable and proactive business continuity solution, you won’t have to worry about recovering lost files or suffering from costly downtime, which will allow you to focus on your core business priorities.

  2. There's a definite need for hassle-free data management. A business continuity solution can help manage the data you rely on for day-to-day operations, especially if there are certain regulations or requirements around data capture, storage, transfer and processing. Investing in the right offering will alleviate you of the stress of executing each of the technical components needed to ensure continuity.

All in all, adopting a business continuity solution will allow your clients to focus on their own business goals and not have to worry about managing data or any other IT needs. You can use this chart in your next proposal to serve as an important reminder that data-related solutions are connected to your clients’ business objectives. Be sure to frame the conversation around what you can provide them – not only will this help you craft a compelling sales pitch for your offering, it will also make clients view you as their trusted advisor regardless of what technical issues they’re faced with.

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Why SMBs Need Business Continuity and Data Management