At our Navigate North America events in Pittsburgh and Las Vegas, the team here at Continuum had many opportunities to speak with MSPs about the challenges they face in bringing solutions to market. For full recap of the events, head here. Through our Grow Your Business Hub (GYBH) portion of our annual conference, Continuum held continuous presentations on this very subject with hundreds of the attendees. 

At these events, I spoke to nearly 90 partners on the topic of Going to Market with Cybersecurity as part of the Hub and the conversations were enlightening. As part of the Hub presentations, we try to include not just marketing tactics that we have found successful marketing Continuum to MSPs but also ones that we have learned work for partners. This two-way conversation is what makes the GYBH such a success and a key reason we have included it year after year.

The State of SMB Cybersecurity

Based on recently published analysis, if you had asked them, they most likely would say things like they are concerned about phishing attacks on their employees (at least the ones that have access to financials and customer data). They also would almost all unilaterally say ransomware is a top concern as well as insider threats.  Why do these concerns matter? They all impact the bottom line of your clients. In fact, nearly half of small businesses as reported in the 2019 Verizon Data Breach report have suffered a data breach last year and according to our SMB survey, 4 of every 5 are worried they are next.

Given this state of the SMB security market, it's easy to conclude that cybersecurity is a high priority for SMBs and for MSPs—providing cybersecurity services is an ideal line of business.  With the right partner, you can be the hero your clients are looking for. But what should the right partner and solution provide? It should include the following elements:

  • You should be able to easily analyze and identify client risks and resolve security vulnerabilities.
  • You should be capable of continuously monitor and mitigate threats before they get out of control
  • You should be able to respond to any crisis that surfaces and scale to handle widespread threats
  • You should be able to sell to sell it and be confident in your success with your clients

To get the complete picture, check out our new infographic below on “The Right CyberSecurity Matters to your Clients.”
Continuum Fortify Infographic

So, when was the last time you asked your clients about their security concerns? If you haven’t done so for some of your clients in a while, you should do so, immediately.  The reason is they may be shopping around for more than holiday presents this season.

To learn more about how to better protect your SMB clients from cyber threats, download our eBook, An MSP's Guide to Protecting SMB clients!