Boo! October is upon us and Ben Barker will tell you why it's going to be the best month of the year. Plus, Windows 10 gets a review and you'll find out why data breach response plans could mean money in your pocket. This is IT Rewind!


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31 Days of NOCtober: Tricks, Treats, and Tips!



Carve those pumpkin faces, break out the cider, pop in your Hocus Pocus DVD, and throw leaves into the air because it's everyone's favorite month of the year, NOCtober! OK so we're a little spellbound by the arrival of fall, but we're even more excited to bring you 31 days of Network Operations Center (NOC) awareness! We wouldn't be able to deliver expert 24x7x365 service without our 650+ NOC technicians who work tirelessly to allow your IT staff to focus on revenue-producing projects. All month long, we'll be sharing fun and informative NOC content right here so keep checking back for more!  Read more »

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43% of Companies Had a Data Breach in the past Year

USA Today, @USATODAY, Elizabeth Weise, @eweise

First Look: Windows 10

CIO, @CIOonline, Galen Gruman, @MobileGalen

JP Morgan Revelas Data Breach Affected 76 Million Households

USA Today, @USATODAY, Elizabeth Weise, @eweise

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         7 Ways to Resolve IT Outsourcing Disputes before They Happen
         CIO, @CIOonline, Stephanie Overby

Trendy topics:

        Top Six IT Trends Impacting Business Networks
        CircleID, @circleid, David Eisner


         Apple Patches Bash Bug
         CRN, @CRN_au, Jane McCallion


         BYOD Programs Expose Businesses to Security Risks
         eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Nathan Eddy


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