Efforts are in place to close the gender gap in the technology industry, find out who's behind it. And you may be at risk of a security breach if you're using an Android device. All of this and a NOCtober update on this week's episode of IT Rewind!

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Specializing Your Managed IT Services: Are You a Restaurant or a Food Court?


What's on your MSP menu? Are you trying to be a Sbarro, McDonalds, and Taco Bell all rolled into one nice Panda Express egg roll? In talks with partners, I've learned that many are struggling to define their target market and thus are unable to effectively market and sell their managed IT services. You may think you have to offer a food court of options to stay competitive, but this is where most MSPs get it wrong. Read more »

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Claude Computing (Brandon Garcin) was doing everything that he could to keep his MSP business afloat. But with a growing number of endpoints to manage and a lack of in-house technicians, Claude was fighting an uphill battle. Sleepless nights and early mornings brought Claude to the breaking point. That's when it happened. All of Claude's problems vanished when he became...The NOCtopus.

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That's a lot of technicians... We love our NOC! #NOCtober #Halloween #Fall #Tech

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Facebook, Pinterest, and Box Join Forces to Close Tech's Gender Gap 

Business Insider, @businessinsider, Maya Kosoff, @mekosoff

Almost Half of Android Devices Still Have a Vulnerable Browser Installed

CIO, @CIOonline, Lucian Constantin

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Now that you've seen our top picks for this week, here are some more stories that made headlines. Have a suggestion for a story that we should cover next week? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @FollowContinuum or @BenDBarker!

Dodging danger:

         The BadUSB Exploit Is Deadly, but Few May Be Hit
         InfoWorld, @infoworld, Roger A. Grimes, @rogeragrimes

That's so hot:

        Gartner: IT Careers – What's Hot?
        Network World, @NetworkWorld, Michael Cooney, @NWWlayer8

Malware mayhem:

         Malware 'Mayhem' Follows Emergence of Shellshock Vulnerability
         eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Robert Lemos

Helpful hires: 

         Huge Key to Profits: Hiring the Right Person Quickly
         MSPmentor, @mspmentor, Eric Larson


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