Your Client Asks You to Explain the Cloud. What Do You Say?

As an MSP, you are responsible for the endpoints and IT environments of many clients. You are their IT expert, their technical wizard, and their resource for all things with a screen and a plug.

But the technical world that you inhabit on a daily basis isn’t the same as the top-level user experience that your client sees every day. Depending on the industry, they may understand less about technology than you may realize, which can lead to unnecessary confusion when it comes time to discuss services, pricing and additional products like advanced security and cloud solutions.

Shed a light on the foundations of your MSP service with a constructive conversation on what the cloud is (and isn’t) using our helpful, newly revised eBook, Explaining the Cloud to Your Clients.

Explaining the Cloud to Your Clients

Inside the eBook, you’ll learn about ways to express just what cloud technology is, why it is so important, and how managed IT services are built upon this architecture to provide amazing services not possible otherwise. You’ll find tips and examples to present this information in a way that is digestible and relevant for their business as well, priming the road to further discussions about security and BDR solutions. Additionally, you’ll be able to handle objections about myths and misnomers concerning cloud security, and will be able to provide rich and thorough explanations of the different types of cloud technology, and how you specifically use it to empower your client's business. 

In the following excerpt, you’ll about read about a specific benefit that your clients and prospects will be excited to hear:

"Studies consistently show that companies that embrace cloud solutions have a much higher growth rate than their competitors; a recent report finds that SMBs who adopt the cloud can even double their profits.

This is a huge factor when discussing the cloud to an end user, because the results are not just technological—moving to the cloud literally enables a business to perform better and more profitably, and they can expect to see tangible profit and growth from their decision."


Don’t wait until your clients come to you with questions and misinformation. A well-informed client is a more profitable client—explain how cloud technology works and build a client base that is more receptive to additional discussions (and cross-sell opportunities) concerning their IT environment!


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