Dominating New Verticals in 2019: An IT Roadmap for Your Nonprofit Clients

Running a nonprofit is challenging for organizations with big budgets—and for those that are just getting started. That being said, one thing is...

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Explaining "SaaS Backup" to Your Clients [VIDEO]

SMBs are moving to SaaS solutions for email, collaboration and cloud file storage. But, with flexibility comes risk. As SMB clients move their...

By Meaghan Moraes
What Steps Have MSPs Taken to Pivot Within the...

Pivoting to sell security and properly position your MSP in the security space is not easy, nor is it fast. What I experienced myself as the first...

By Joy Beland
Explaining "Onboarding" to Your Clients [VIDEO]

Your first few months with a new customer are critical—and developing the right onboarding strategy can be the difference between a satisfied...

By Meaghan Moraes
How Are You As an MSP Handling Your Own Gaps in...

Strategy around security is a two-step process. The first is to embrace security and all of the solutions that an MSP is needing to offer to their...

By Joy Beland
Explaining "Patching" to Your Clients [VIDEO]

In nearly all cases, regardless of the source, patching is going to be the first line of defense against security threats today. Ensuring your...

By Meaghan Moraes
Explaining "Cyber Risk" to Your Clients [VIDEO]

The saturation of cyber attacks in the news has created a heightened awareness among consumers—and since SMBs are now more conscious of their...

By Meaghan Moraes

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