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Cheerio London - We've Arrived!

Posted 26 November, 2014by Lily Teplow


Have you heard? We've infiltrated the BBC!

After rapid growth in the European market in 2014, we launched our UK office earlier this fall. We're excited to have the office headed up by Paul Balkwell, former Director and UK General Manager at Micropoint Managed Services, a highly successful MSP that was recently acquired and was one of Continuum’s leading MSP partners in the UK for more than a decade.

Since opening our new office in October, we've taken London by storm! Paul spoke later on in the month at the Computer Troubleshooters conference, introducing Continuum's UK Roadmap to a great reception.

EMEA-conference-London-JuliaSoon after, I hopped on a flight to London and attended CompTIA's EMEA Member Conference.

The conference was a handy introduction to the MSP marketing opportunity in the UK and Europe, with attendees spanning the globe. I especially enjoyed the general session discussion given by Carolyn April, Senior Director of Industry Analysis at CompTIA. She shared their report - Trends in the UK Industry - and shared some really interesting highlights on how the market has changed from 2013.

One statistic I found particurly interesting is that 49% of those poled noted their primary catalyst for UK channel business transformation was their customer demand for different services and IT delivery models. 

Needless to say that bolstered my enthusiasm for our new UK office!

Another key conference focus was the overwhelming need for marketing help within the channel. There were quite a few breakouts on how vendors can better help their MSPs and a keynote covering what MSPs should be doing to ramp up their marketing, with a focus on their marketing infrastructure including CRM, web, social and marketing automation. 

My final takeaway from the conference was an excellent closing keynote from Jez Rose, Behaviour Expert. His hilarious and interactive session focused on acheiveing an excellent service experience. What resonated most was his explanation on how human interaction can really make or break your day. The main reason people become or stop being a customer is their user experience.

Overall, our first season in London seems to be a big hit! We're so excited to break into the international market, learn more from MSPs all over the world and help as many as we can.


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Lily is passionate about storytelling, marketing, and helping businesses solve their biggest challenges. In her role as Public Relations and Media Specialist at Continuum, she is responsible for enhancing the company’s voice and presence through online and offline channels. With a background in communications and content creation, Lily is a seasoned and established writer in the IT industry. In her spare time, Lily enjoys traveling the world and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams.

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