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Continuum BDR Generally Available to Managed IT Services Providers in Europe

Posted 23 September, 2016by Ben Barker


Continuum has announced that Continuum BDR, its fully-managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform, is now generally available to managed IT services providers across Europe. Just last month, Continuum announced extending its international offering with a data centre in London, United Kingdom. 

Continuum is securely storing end-client data out of the London-based data centre. The latest version of Continuum BDR features Tru-Verify™, the most comprehensive recovery point verification in the industry. Tru-Verify confirms the integrity of recovery points to ensure that the most recent backup on all protected machines can be virtualised in the event of a disaster.

John Mandel, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Continuum, had this to say about the announcement.

“Since launching Continuum BDR in the U.S. last year and its consequent success, our MSP partners in Europe have been waiting for this industry-leading BDR technology. We are already working with a number of MSPs to bring robust data protection, and secure and reliable cloud storage to businesses in Europe. We are thrilled to provide this platform that allows all MSPs in Europe to take advantage of the BDR opportunity and maximise margins.”


The facility in London, which has built-in 2N redundancy to ensure client data is always available, allows Continuum to deliver its fully-managed BDR offering outside of North America for the first time.

“Managed services that provide added functionality to service providers’ hosted offerings are increasingly in demand by customers of all sizes,” said Rory Duncan, Research Director for European Services with 451 Research. “Managed backup, security and disaster recovery are of particular interest, given the increase in cyber-attacks facing enterprise companies, as well as their obligations for data protection and industry compliance – particularly in Europe. Platform choice for managed service providers is an important part of providing the right solution for their customers, so we welcome this new capability in the London metro market.” 

For more information, visit: https://www.continuum.net/products/backup-and-disaster-recovery.

To start a trial of Continuum BDR, click here.


Ben is a Boston-based tech marketing expert, and an avid Boston sports fan.

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