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The New Way to Market and Sell Managed IT Services to SMEs

Posted by Mary McCoy on 19 August, 2016


Managed IT services providers need to undergo a transformation in regards to how they integrate digital and technological advances into their business operations. As discussed in a May article in MicroScope by Matt Hurley of Juniper, the move toward a digital economy, combined with the need to be “always on,” means anything that can save time and simplify workflows is in high demand. Now, more than ever, seamless delivery is where opportunity lies. For channel partners, this opportunity translates into managed IT services.

At the same time, MSPs need to realise that generating sales is a whole new ballgame. People have changed the way they find information, connect and conduct business. However, many MSPs keep relying solely on legacy sales methods such as outbound marketing. They thus struggle to find new clients within the changing buyer dynamic.

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5 Things to Know About the U.K. SMEs You’re Selling IT To

Posted by Craig Sharp on 12 July, 2016


Ah, you've landed that coveted prospect meeting, but what you're hoping to get out of it and what the SME is hoping to get out of it are two very different things. 

From your perspective, you may be trying to expedite the managed IT services sales process. Perhaps you typically prepare for these prospect meetings by working out your fees, printing contracts and developing pitch presentations. While all of these materials are sales essentials, your prospect is typically working toward a different agenda than yours. At this point in their buyer's journey, they may need more convincing that you're someone to do business with. 

How can you use that first meeting to guide them towards a close down the line? Hint: not by discussing the speeds and feeds of your various technology products.

After 20+ years of providing IT services to U.K. SMEs, I've learned what resonates with potential clients. Here are the top five considerations you, as a professional MSP, should know before that first prospect meeting.

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