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In 2014, Continuum doubled-down on its partnership efforts with HTG. By sponsoring both the face-to-face and online meetings, Continuum is dedicated to helping HTG members increase scalability and profitability of their Managed Services Provider (MSP) business. Continuum has increased its communication depth, breadth, and style to bring new information to the HTG membership as a way to demonstrate the role of a true, strategic business partner.

June Partner Spotlight: Ethan Tancredi of MySherpa!


“Many of our HTG Peer Group members have been struggling to scale and grow their businesses as they spend more time figuring out how to cost efficiently monitor and manage IT equipment without adding technical staff at the same rate, which keeps them from being proactive in gaining more business. We are delighted to have Continuum’s support, and with their increased interaction, believe they are helping our members to better reach business goals."

~Arlin Sorensen, Founder and CEO of HTG Peer Groups~


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