ImageQuest Success Story

“What we found with Continuum is a company that brings expertise to the table and brings it to bear for us when we need it most, which allows us to scale rapidly and seamlessly.”

- Milton Bartley, President & CEO, ImageQuest

Nashville, Tennessee


Business Challenge
Initially operating as an office equipment dealership, ImageQuest was searching for the right technology partner who could help them integrate managed IT services into their portfolio and open new revenue streams.

Continuum’s remote monitoring and management, NOC, Help Desk, and backup and disaster recovery platform.

Thanks to their partnership with Continuum, ImageQuest has successfully expanded the scope of their offerings and today is onboarding new managed IT services customers with confidence.

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From OED to MSP: How ImageQuest is Transforming its Business with Continuum

When Tennessee-based technology services provider ImageQuest first opened its doors in 2007, the company was an office equipment dealership with no managed services in its portfolio. Since then, the organization has evolved considerably – and today, thanks to a partnership with Continuum, it’s offering a complete suite of managed IT services.

“When we started this transition, we were a 100 percent office equipment business and 0 percent IT,” says Milton Bartley, Co-Founder, President and CEO at ImageQuest. “Today, we’re 75 percent managed IT and 25 percent OE. Eventually, we’ll be a 100 percent managed IT services provider; and what’s going to help us get there is our relationship with Continuum.”

ImageQuest leverages Continuum’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, a highlyintelligent tool that generates smart, actionable tickets which are then fully remediated by Continuum’s certified technical experts – meaning Bartley doesn’t have to worry about hiring additional staff to support his company’s growing IT client base.

“One of the biggest challenges we have in our business is finding good talent,” says Bartley. “What we found with Continuum is a company that brings expertise to the table and brings it to bear for us when we need it most, which allows us to scale rapidly and seamlessly.”

Continuum’s Network Operations Center (NOC) works behind the scenes to provide 24x7x365 monitoring, troubleshooting and full problem resolution for ImageQuest’s clients – and technicians at the
company’s U.S.-based Help Desk provide ImageQuest’s customers with direct user support for a variety
of desktop issues.

“When looking for a partner, we knew we needed someone who would treat our customers the same way we do,” recalls Bartley. “As I like to say, we needed someone who would be in the boat with us – and that’s what we found with Continuum.”

In March 2015, when Continuum announced the launch of Continuity247™ – a new fully managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform – Bartley immediately jumped at the chance to try out the solution.

“One of the keys to ImageQuest’s success is standardization, meaning all of our clients are on the same platform,” notes Bartley. “Moving to Continuity247 posed a little bit of a risk for us, but we did our own investigation into the back end and we felt really strongly about the product. In April, we began moving all of our clients to Continuity247 – and we’ve been absolutely thrilled with it. It’s helped us not only improve our margins, but has helped us provide a greater level of service to our customers.”

Like Continuum’s RMM offering, Continuity247 is directly supported by the company’s industry-leading NOC that monitors, troubleshoots and ensures backups run 24x7x365.

“In order for a backup and disaster recovery solution to truly be effective, it needs to be monitored and managed in real time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” says Bartley. “Other providers gave us the tools, but we had to do the work ourselves. With Continuity247, Continuum’s NOC team is constantly monitoring every backup device we have, every snapshot and making sure that it’s done correctly, on time and that there are no issues. And if there are any problems, it’s Continuum’s team that jumps in and helps put out the fire.”

Continuity247 leverages Continuous Data Protection™  technology, which identifies deltas at the block level and backs up only those files which have changed since the previous incremental backup – greatly reducing disk I/O and minimizing the strain placed on protected machines.

The platform utilizes IBM’s Cloud, SoftLayer Infrastructure – a world-renowned, reliable public cloud – and replicates data across multiple datacenters to help ensure reliability and availability. Continuity247 is also hardware-agnostic, allowing Continuum’s MSP partners to use the hardware of their choice and maintain existing vendor relationships.

“We really like the flexibility of Continuity247,” notes Bartley. “As a standardization-based company, we like the idea of putting name-brand, standardized products out there that we know we can support.”

And while Bartley is pleased with the features and functionality offered by Continuity247 today, his partnership with Continuum has taught him that it’s going to continue improving as time goes on.

“What makes Continuity247 successful in our eyes – and why we’re even more excited about what the future holds – is that it’s supported, built and designed by Continuum,” he says. “And if you look at Continuum’s track record of continually updating their RMM software, seeking feedback from the market and the MSPs who use it, and putting that feedback directly into the design of future releases – we’re confident they’re going to do the same for Continuity247 which will make it an even better product.”

“One of the best things about our partnership with Continuum is the synergy between the products we’ve added to our technology stack and the people supporting those products,” Bartley adds. “At this point, we’ve had Continuity247 deployed for the better part of six months and it’s been deployed to every one of our clients. We have a great deal of confidence in the platform itself, but more importantly, we have a great deal of confidence in Continuum and their NOC. And we now know that our customers are getting a much better BDR solution than they had before.”

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