MySherpa Success Story



"We generate a 50% gross profit margin on Continuum’s services, which has helped us grow the company at a double-digit rate consistently over the past eight years.”

- Ethan Tancredi, President, MySherpa



Business Challenge
Relieve internal staff from daily customer support so they can focus on delivering high-value services. Solution Continuum delivers every managed service that MySherpa customers require—from remote monitoring and management of servers and desktops to problem resolution, software deployments, security scans, and mobile device management.

Customers receive 24x7 monitoring and fast problem resolution with maintenance services delivered overnight to minimize downtime; MySherpa generates a 50% profit margin on Continuum services and sustains annual double-digit revenue growth.

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Partnership With Continuum Triggers 600 Percent

Since 2006, HTG Peer Groups member MySherpa® has enjoyed a prosperous relationship with Continuum as revenues have grown from $500K to $3M. One of the keys to this strong, consistent success is how company president Ethan Tancredi capitalizes on the wide range of Continuum offerings that help drive MySherpa’s managed services program. “Continuum keeps adding new capabilities that help us generate new revenue and provide more services to our customers,” Tancredi says.

Creating Greater Focus on High-Value Services

MySherpa initially partnered with Continuum so their internal team could focus primarily on delivering high-value services to customers. The company has expanded its business and customer base while maintaining high profit margins, and this growth has been powered largely by Continuum.

“We partnered with Continuum because they provided an efficient way for us to outsource tasks we used to take on ourselves, such as verifying customer backups and manually checking servers for problems,” Tancredi says. “These are not high-value services, but they are critical to our customers. We wanted to off-load these tasks so we could avoid hiring extra resources and spend more time on strategic initiatives.”

After-Hours Help to Give Staff a Break

To address these needs, Tancredi hoped to find a partner who offered round-theclock server/desktop remote management and monitoring (RMM) backed by a network operations center (NOC) to remotely resolve issues. “After-hours support is critical,” Tancredi adds. “No one wants to work nights and weekends, but customers need support at any time—day or night.” In addition to Continuum’s core RMM/NOC platform, MySherpa has capitalized on other services that have helped grow its revenue and deliver expanded services to its customer base. “They keep adding capabilities that enhance the overall value we deliver to customers,” Tancredi emphasizes.

Driving New Revenues

MySherpa requires that customers receive RMM and NOC services for all servers and desktops, and also that they leverage the Continuum Vault backup and disaster recovery solution, which is mandated for all customer servers. “This approach not only drives additional revenue but also ensures we continue focusing on high-level services,” Tancredi emphasizes.

Another low-cost Continuum service, Tech Advantage, allows MySherpa to easily roll out software updates, anti-virus solutions, and physical-to-virtual server conversions. Customers just leave devices turned on overnight, and Continuum takes care of the rest—with no business interruptions and little involvement from MySherpa.

MySherpa’s reliance on Continuum continues to expand, and today the comp any leverages Continuum’s MSP Advantage program, which helps acquire new sales leads. “Continuum provided a series of e-mails and a targeted l ist we reached out to over an extended time,” Tancredi says. “We gained additional brand recognition and generated several leads.”

MySherpa also utilizes Continuum’s Mobile Device Management solution powered by MaaS360 from Fiberlink. The service makes it easy to manage customer mobile devices and lock them down so data and apps remain secure.

An Extension of the Internal Team

Tancredi appreciates the consistent enhancements Continuum implements to its core RMM platform and NOC services. “It seems like they add something new all the time,” Tancredi points out. “We just started using their RapidFire tool for customer security scans.”

Each time Continuum offers a new program, Tancredi says the cost for MySherpa is about half of what the company would pay to develop the solution on its own. Tancredi also likes Continuum’s “pay-as-you-grow” model, which allows him to scale his services without committing to long-term contracts.

“Continuum collaborates with us in a way that our customers feel as though they are always working directly with our own staff,” Tancredi says. “They truly are an extension of our team and play a critical role in our success.”

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