SAGE Computer Associates Success Story




“The Continuum-ConnectWise integration is a natural fit. If you are considering  Continuum, the integration and the support offered by the staff and product to  help partners are fantastic.  It’s definitely been a win for our business.”

-Dan Shyne, Manager of Technical Services,  Sage Computer Associates

SAGE Computer Associates
Albany, New York


Business Challenge
To effectively automate and  manage a ticketing system that  prioritizes and differentiates alerts  by severity level.

Deployment of an integration via  ConnectWise that directly links to  Continuum’s Remote Monitoring &  Management Platform (RMM). 

An efficient, easy process  that allows SAGE Computer  Associates to successfully  receive, track and push tickets  through the Continuum NOC,  helping the MSP to prioritize and  cut off potential problems at the  pass, delivering great customer  service.



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SAGE Computer Associates Decreases Ticket Response Times via Continuum-ConnectWise Integration

As an MSP located in the Albany, NY, state capital region, SAGE Computer Associates serves  a diverse mix of SMB clients in verticals such as manufacturing, accounting and healthcare.  Launched in 1983, SAGE found that as it was growing as a company, it was becoming a  daunting process for the MSP’s dispatcher and techs to keep up with the daily flow of tickets  that consistently came through its system. The volume of tickets, coupled with an inability to  prioritize the tickets by severity level, made for lots of hassles and headaches.

With the systems not showing any signs of improvement and SAGE showing no signs of  slowing down, something needed to be done. Dan Shyne, SAGE’s Manager of Technical  Services, received a phone call in the summer of 2014 from his Continuum Technical  Account Manager, who offered a potential solution. It was a phone call that quite literally  changed his way of thinking about new technologies. 

A Natural Fit

As a user of both Continuum RMM and ConnectWise® PSA technologies, Shyne was excited about an integration being available. He usually didn’t get overly excited about trying something new, but after reading the benefits and speaking with his Continuum TAM, said: “Put me on the list.”

The integration was a natural evolution for SAGE since the company was already a  Continuum user and was actively looking to update its two-way ticketing system. “We  leverage the Continuum-ConnectWise integration every day, all day. It has been a smooth  and fast process, allowing us to receive and push tickets through the NOC quickly. Further,  the tickets arrive on our boards classified by severity so that we can apply workflows and  SLA’s against them without any major glitches.”

Shyne says that prior to deploying the integration, techs always had to go back into the  ConnectWise screen to review tickets; there was no automation, and SAGE’s dispatcher  and techs weren’t able to differentiate priority. “Now, because of the integration, we can  create alerts based on priority,” he said. “We can also more effectively manage alerts and  increase the efficiency of ticket handling.”  

Cutting Potential Issues Off at the Pass

Regarding immediate, direct benefits of the integration, Shyne says that his team has  decreased response times as well as cut off potential problems at the pass, helping  them deliver great customer service. In one instance, because of the new ticketing  system, his dispatcher was able to notify a customer that their server was down before  the customer even realized it. 

This is just one of many situations that have bolstered Shyne’s trust in Continuum as  an organization. The ConnectWise integration has been a huge win. “The team at Continuum has been great to work with, especially the regional teams who tap into each other and various product specialists to provide partners with the answers they need within a timely basis,” he said.

Shyne added that the integration allows SAGE to continually move forward in its vision for the future and allows them to do even more as a company. “The Continuum-ConnectWise integration is a natural fit. If you are considering Continuum, the integration and the support offered by the staff and product to help partners are fantastic. It’s definitely been a win for our business.”

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