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Nathan Eisner

Nathan Eisner


Alpharetta, Georgia



Business Challenge

Provide a unique client base—local governments, cities and counties—with robust and reliable business continuity services and support.


Continuum’s Continuity247™ platform, a fully-managed solution built specifically to meet the needs of modern MSPs.


Sophicity today depends on Continuity247 to support their clients, and thanks to support from Continuum’s NOC is able to more efficiently and cost-effective support, troubleshoot and test their backups.

“There’s a big difference between backup and business continuity, and our clients depend on us to offer complete and true continuity support. Continuity247® enables us to deliver on that promise.”

Continuity247 Helps Sophicity Offer True Business Continuity to a Unique Customer Base

When it comes to providing their customers with Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) services, Georgia-based IT provider Sophicity knows there’s absolutely no room for error.

“We have a unique client base because we focus on local governments, cities and counties,” says Nathan Eisner, the company’s Chief Operations Officer.

“When you think about dealing with local government, you’re talking about public safety a lot of the time—police, fire and other emergency services. It goes without saying that uptime for these organizations is absolutely critical. We’re not talking about businesses losing money; we’re talking about possible life or death situations.”

To ensure data is securely backed up, protected and accessible when it’s needed, Eisner and the team at Sophicity rely on Continuity247™, Continuum’s fully managed BDR platform—a powerful solution designed from the ground up to support MSPs.

“There’s a big difference between backup and business continuity, and our clients depend on us to offer complete and true continuity support. Continuity247 enables us to deliver on that promise.”

The platform offers a powerful feature set that includes block-level backup, flexible retention policies, granular file recovery and more, all of which help Sophicity ensure its clients can recover quickly and completely in the event of a disaster or any unplanned downtime.

“Not only are we able to restore data for our customers, but we’re able to have them back up and running in a very short amount of time to continue business operations—whether a single server or an entire site goes down,” Eisner says.

In addition to the technical value that Continuity247 brings, the platform also provides tremendous value to MSPs by being directly supported by Continuum’s Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians 24x7.

“The biggest differentiator for Continuity247 is the backend support we receive from Continuum’s NOC,” Eisner explains.

“There are always hard and soft costs associated with these solutions, and the NOC really absorbs those soft costs by providing day-to-day monitoring, troubleshooting and support for our clients’ backups. We have a senior level engineer—an expensive resource—who was spending all of his time dealing with BDR. Thanks to Continuum’s NOC, he’s been able to save up to twenty hours a week and redirect it toward project work and higher-value tasks.”

One of those time-consuming (albeit necessary) tasks is disaster recovery testing. Eisner and the team at Sophicity regularly test their backups—as every good MSP should, he notes—and they’re able to leverage the personnel and expertise at Continuum’s NOC to do so.

“We recently ran our first complete DR test with Continuity247, and we were amazed by how well it went,” Eisner recalls. “I had plenty of faith in the product, but the test was with our largest DR client so we were still a bit nervous—but the whole experience was fantastic.”

Throughout the test, a Continuum NOC engineer worked side-by-side with Sophicity every step of the way to ensure everything went as planned; the results didn’t disappoint.

“We had the client fully functional in less than four hours, which is better than I could’ve hoped,” says Eisner. “The client was ecstatic, and it was really a validation that what we’re doing for them is exactly what they need.”

“I was really impressed with the level of support provided by Continuum during the test,” he adds. “It’s what we’ve come to expect from the NOC—great service and support from a very knowledgeable staff.”

In fact, the results of this particular test were so successful that Eisner and his team are able to leverage those results as they look to sell their business continuity offering to other customers.

“Now that we’ve got a great story to tell about it, it’s become a great sales tool both for our existing clients and new prospects,” he explains. “Whenever we tell people that we were able to recover a client of that size in less than four hours, their ears perk up and their eyes get wide.”

Looking back over the last several years, Eisner and the team at Sophicity are very happy with the growth they’ve enjoyed and the role that Continuum has played in the company’s success.

“We were first drawn to Continuum because of the completeness of the platform,” Eisner says. “We started out with RMM and NOC services and really grew our partnership from there. We then began leveraging Continuum’s Help Desk, and today we’re excited to be using Continuity247. We look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with Continuum.”

To learn more about Continuity247, visit www.continuum.net/continuity247.

Read about Sophicity's success using Continuum's white-label help desk, and fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform: http://bit.ly/2aWbbVk.

About Sophicity

Sophicity’s focus is simple: Providing the highest quality IT products and services tailored to city governments. With over fifteen years of experience working directly with cities, Sophicity is uniquely positioned to deliver on this focus. It’s what we know, it’s what we love, it’s all we do. That’s why we say that We Put The IT In City. you decrease IT costs, add efficiency, and get the most out of your current vendors.

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