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Matt Hahn of SWK Technologies

Matt Hahn


SWK Technologies Livingston, NJ Also operating in California, Illinois, Virginia, Florida and Arizona



Business Challenge

Offer customers in-depth insight into their systems, while providing comprehensive monitoring.


Continuum’s remote monitoring & management (RMM) software, and network operations center (NOC).


“Continuum’s NOC gives us the ability to be more proactive and forward thinking.” -Matt Hahn, Vice President of Network Services, SWK Technologies

"Continuum’s IntelliMonitoring service is fantastic! We’re now able to offer a level of insight about our customers' systems that is very rare."

Continuum Helps SWK Plan, Manage and Respond to Customer Demands

"Continuum’s network operations center (NOC) gives us the ability to be more proactive and forward thinking. They help us look like heroes." These are the words of Matt Hahn,Vice President of Network Services for business application and consulting company SWK. He adds, "The NOC provides an invaluable service to be more productive."

Indeed, Continuum’s NOC takes care of functions such as watching and escalating alerts on a 24/7 basis, reviewing backups, installing patches and implementing service packs to actively keep business networks up and running.

SWK also takes advantage of Continuum’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution, featuring the IntelliMonitoring service – which Matt considers to be nothing short of "fantastic." The service intelligently monitors more than 36,000 event IDs, automatically resolving most issues as they surface or raising alerts when critical conditions escalate. Because it dramatically reduces the number of false positive reports, solution providers like SWK are able to focus on incremental revenue-generating activities instead of spending countless hours deciphering error codes.

"We’re now able to offer a level of insight about our customers’ systems that is very rare. It keeps us ahead of the curve," he says. "We’re able to provide them with more information than they can possibly review."

The company started offering managed services a little over nine years ago when Matt joined the organization. Today it provides solutions including network IT, consulting, custom programming, customer care, HR Advisor and managed voice systems. With SWK’s NetUp™ service, powered by the Continuum NOC, the company also offers round-the-clock server support, network management and preventive care – priding itself on resolving most issues before they occur.

Matt credits the company’s responsiveness to SWK’s skilled technicians and strategic business alliances like its partnership with Continuum.

The relationship was tested during a difficult data migration that SWK was performing. "The network was a disaster," Matt explains. The hurdles were many, but fortunately a Continuum NOC technician with extensive Microsoft experience was able to help Matt resolve the issue quickly. "It was the single best-handled phone call of that type I’ve ever experienced," he said. "It was a 100-percent pleasure working with him." In fact, the technician was so accommodating, that Matt felt compelled to send a complimentary email to Continuum about it.

The experience left such a positive impression that Matt is now strongly considering Continuum’s Virtual Help Desk solution, which offers private-labeled help desk support for customers. "It represents a whole other revenue stream," Matt says. "We’ve been looking at it very closely." SWK is attracted to Virtual Help Desk because it frees time for internal resources to focus on core business and development projects, lowers operational costs, and reduces strain on the firm’s overall resources, staff and infrastructure.

"I think Continuum is off to an absolutely awesome start," says Matt. "For anyone who’s considering an RMM partner, I’d recommend that they take a close look at Continuum. Using other providers, they won’t ever see the level of profitability that we see here."

About SWK Technologies, Inc.SWK Technologies Inc. is an IT consulting company providing strategies and solutions to meet its clients’ information and business management needs. The company offers best-of-breed solutions for accounting and business management, financial reporting, CRM, job-costing systems and warehouse management. Specializing in collaborative commerce, SWK developed MAPADOC Integrated EDI, a solution that works seamlessly with the business management solutions it sells and supports. SWK also provides managed network services and has offices in Livingston, N.J.; Long Island, Syracuse and Buffalo, N.Y.; Greenwich, Conn.; and Chicago.

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