Bruce Campbell of Clare Computer Solutions

Bruce Campbell


Clare Computer Solutions
San Ramon, California


Business Challenge

Offer a comprehensive managed services solution that would fully address the needs of small and midsize businesses. Solution Continuum’s network operations center (NOC) proved to be the “missing link” that Clare Computer needed to round out the company’s managed services offering.


“The NOC, and the hours they work, complements our company’s own staff very well, and enables us to be an effective, around-the-clock service, at a price that makes sense to small businesses,” - Bruce Campbell, Vice President of Marketing, Clare Computer Solutions

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"I was very impressed by what I saw at the Continuum Roadshow. Its leadership team has the energy, the know-how and investment capital to help me be well positioned for the next half-decade, at least."

Continuum Gives Clare Computer Solutions a Competitive Edge

As an early adopter of the managed IT services business model, Clare Computer Solutions was in the unenviable position of test piloting emerging remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions – and wondering whether or not they might crash and burn their business. Along the way they evaluated numerous vendors, but found only one that offered a fully integrated solution that enabled them to look sharp, maximize productivity and bolster profitability at a low, fixed monthly cost: Continuum.

Since then, Clare has seen numerous changes within the managed IT services industry – and Continuum has helped the company successfully navigate them all. "Partner support is a top priority at Continuum," says Bruce Campbell, vice president of marketing at Clare Computer Solutions. "It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but they clearly listen to their partners and look for opportunities to add value. It goes to show you that the true measure of any partnership isn’t seen during good times, but in how they respond when faced with challenges."

In terms of Clare’s managed services offerings, Continuum’s network operations center (NOC), in particular, has made a tremendous positive impact, according to Bruce.

"Our business experience, size and our early entry into managed services gives us the resources to provide response-level guarantees that most of our competitors can’t touch," he says. And playing a central role in the company’s portfolio of offerings are solutions from Continuum.

Continuum’s NOC takes care of routine maintenance and monitoring functions such as watching and escalating alerts on a 24/7 basis, reviewing backups, installing patches and implementing service packs. Continuum’s NOC operations take place behind the scenes to quietly and efficiently resolve issues so IT managed service providers like Clare can allocate valuable engineering time to high-end projects and onsite work.

"The presence of a NOC, whose sole purpose was to react to alerts, was a big selling point for us, and it really completed our managed services offering," Bruce says. "Plus, it was priced in a way that we could just pay for what we needed as we grew our managed services practice." He adds that the NOC also complements Clare’s staff "very well" and enables the company to be "an effective, around-the-clock service, at a price that makes sense to small businesses."

But perhaps more than the individual solutions, it may be the partnership that exists between Clare and Continuum that has made the greatest impression on Bruce. "We value our relationship with Continuum. They were instrumental in the development and growth of our managed services practice, and we like to think our early involvement with Continuum, and active advocacy of the company, contributed to their growth as well."

"It’s been a classic win-win-win. Continuum and Clare have benefitted from the relationship, to be sure, but most importantly, our clients get top quality service, at a great price!" Bruce concludes.

About Clare Computing Solutions
Founded in 1990, Clare Computer Solutions boasts a clientele of more than 500 businesses in the San Francisco Bay area. With 35 full-time employees, and headquartered in San Ramon, CA (east of Oakland), the company delivers fixed-fee network support (managed services), disaster recovery solutions, technology consulting, hardware/software sales, and on-demand IT services to small and midsize businesses that have anywhere between 25 and 250 users.




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