Bryan Sullo Clocktower Technology Services success story

Bryan Sullo


Clocktower Technology Services
Franklin, Massachusetts

Business Challenge Offer clients the kind of technical support they need when they need it, without adding staff or overburdening the existing small team of technicians.



The Continuum Help Desk provides 24/7 technical support to partner clients.


Continuum’s Help Desk resolves 75 percent of customer support issues independently, freeing Clocktower’s technical staff to focus on more strategic work Additionally, 24/7 technical support enables the company to target and win business from larger, more lucrative accounts.

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"Having Continuum’s Help Desk in place enabled us to target and close a support agreement for approximately 100 users worth between $75,000 to $100,000 in annual revenue."

Continuum Help Desk Helps Clocktower Technology Attract Larger Accounts

Resolving customer challenges can impact your bottom line in unforeseen ways. You likely understand immediate costs regarding time, labor and equipment – but what happens when project demands exceed your expectations, or capabilities? Continuum Help Desk can alleviate many of the everyday pressures and reduce expenses while also helping you more effectively meet client expectations. Clocktower Technology Services knows from experience.

Continuum Help Desk not only enables this Franklin, Mass.-based managed services provider (MSP) to better address current customer requirements, it also helps them generate new business, particularly with larger accounts. "Without Continuum’s advantages, we’d be missing out on opportunities like the support agreement we just closed for a 100-user account," says Bob Sullo, a principal at Clocktower along with his son Bryan. "This is worth at least $75,000 to $100,000 in additional annual revenue."

Bob and Bryan quickly discovered that Continuum’s Help Desk more than pays for itself, and in three different ways: keeping existing customers happy, appealing to new clients, and freeing highly skilled technicians to focus on more profitable work.

Though the advantages of providing help desk services are obvious today, Bryan admits outsourcing Clocktower’s customer support wasn’t their first approach. "We used to offer managed services plans that didn’t include the Help Desk component so we could keep costs down," he recalls, "but we found it was actually more expensive for us to not have it."

That reality was brought home in dramatic fashion when Clocktower lost a good customer for lack of 24/7 technical support. "They wanted a level of service we just couldn’t provide at the time," Bob explains.

"Every company goes through this," Bryan says, "You grow and you grow until you’re pulling your hair out and then you have to hire somebody. Then you lose a major account and all of a sudden you have a couple of guys sitting around who aren’t making money for you.

Continuum’s Help Desk: A Force Multiplier

Being able to rely on Continuum Help Desk allows us to get past that kind of plateau or saw-toothed growth. If we add customers, Continuum takes on that capacity. If we lose customers, we don’t have to let someone go."

Analysis of the calls fielded by Continuum Help Desk shows about 75 percent of client issues are resolved without involvement from Clocktower. "That’s a very good thing from a business perspective," Bob observes. "If our techs are putting all their time into solving those minor problems, it really doesn’t make us any money."

Another positive aspect of Continuum Help Desk is the "force multiplier" effect. That is, the service substantially increases Clocktower’s staff without the major expenses and hassles associated with hiring new employees.

When the Sullos first considered outsourcing support, their biggest reservation was about protecting Clocktower’s reputation. "It was important that we offered a help desk service that was based in the U.S. because the minute they answer a call, they become Clocktower," says Bob. "The Continuum team is highly professional and expert in so many technology areas, which helps ensure that tickets are resolved quickly and with limited involvement from our team. They’re extremely prompt as well, with calls usually answered in 30 seconds or less."

For his part, Bryan is very appreciative of the cooperative attitude and willingness to meet new challenges he’s seen from Continuum personnel. "The Help Desk is very good about handling problems and not kicking them back to us. They’re also very keen to learn what to do for the future and they see jobs done to completion. When we’re interfacing with Continuum Help Desk, it’s clear that their primary goal is to do the best possible job for us and our customers."

"We look at them as our employees," Bob adds, "and that’s how we tell our customers to look at them."

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