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Business Challenge

CMIT owner John Chapman found himself spending too much time on day-to-day end-user issues. He wanted to eliminate this need and focus all his time on strategic technology planning and deployments.


The Continuum Help Desk provides professional end user troubleshooting services, ideal for IT solution provider startups and those looking to scale.


CMIT eliminated the need to hire more staff to support customer end users, who always receive immediate 24x7 support from Continuum and experience minimal downtime. Chapman and his consulting team have also elevated their level of services with the additional downtime they now have to focus on strategic initiatives. In addition, CMIT customers.

"Continuum Help Desk eliminates the need for small IT services providers like us to hire staff to handle end-user issues and their white label service delivers a high level of professionalism."

Continuum Help Desk Delivers Win/Win for CMIT Solutions

As the owner and chief consultant of an IT services company for small businesses, John Chapman needs to focus all of his time on designing and deploying strategic technology initiatives for his customers. In other words, he can’t afford to allocate time to end-user support. "Even relatively minor issues can take hours to resolve," Chapman points out. "They not only detract from my time focusing on the bigger picture for my customers, but they also cost my customers more money in the long run."

Needing a Partner Who Will Represent the Team

To take on this challenge, Chapman decided to outsource his firm’s help desk. He wanted to find a service provider that could offer professional-level support while functioning as part of the CMIT team and making it easy to track open tickets.

 "When customers call, I want them calling a CMIT representative, and there needs to be a seamless transition when support incidents escalate to the point where my intervention becomes necessary," Chapman adds. "I also want to know the status for any customer who reports a problem at all times. If it lingers, I need to know when to react."

The Unique Continuum Combination

Searching for the perfect solution, , Chapman evaluated multiple help desk tools. He finally chose the Continuum Help Desk, which clearly stood apart from the competition. "Continuum offers a unique combination that nobody else can match," Chapman explains. "In addition to the Help Desk staffed by US-based resources who answer the phone as though they work for me, they leverage their own remote desktop agent for diagnosing and fixing issues. Continuum also provides a NOC for managing servers and network devices. They prevent or resolve almost every issue."

Technical Support Made Easy

To roll out the Continuum Help Desk to his customers, Chapman collects application, configuration, directory, application key, and credential information for each end user and uploads the data into the Continuum portal. Continuum then uploads its Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) agent onto the end-user PCs.

"The agent allows their support personnel to diagnose and fix issues regardless of whether end users are sitting at their PC and even if they can’t open a browser," Chapman says. "This allows Continuum to access PCs quickly without involving extensive intervention by end users."

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