Scott Spiro


Computer Solutions Group
Los Angeles, California


Business Challenge

CSG was struggling to hire and maintain the staff required to successfully scale the business.


Continuum’s Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Platform and U.S.- based Help Desk.


By leveraging Continuum’s NOC and Help Desk, CSG has been able to successfully grow without the need for costly infrastructure investments or new technical staff.

“Leveraging services from Continuum allows us to pivot and focus on what’s important to our clients.”

CSG Achieves 250% Growth in 36 Months

“At Computer Solutions Group, we want to be the best at what we do,” says Scott Spiro, the company’s founder and President. “It’s not necessarily about the technology. The technology is important – but for us, it’s really about offering a powerful service.”

Scaling to New Heights

When Spiro founded Computer Solutions Group in 1996, the company was primarily a break/fix provider. Over the years they’ve undergone quite a few transformations, and today the Los Angeles-based MSP is enjoying some very impressive growth – 250% over the last three years, to be specific.

And thanks to the company’s partnership with Continuum, CSG – also a member of HTG Peer Groups and Robin Robins’ Producers Club – has been able to achieve this growth without needing costly infrastructure investments or new technical staff. “We haven’t had to expand our office space,” Scott says. “We haven’t had to bring on additional people. We’re leveraging Continuum so we can remain competitive and really focus on what we’re good at.”

Utilizing Continuum’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform and white-label Help Desk offering, Computer Solutions Group is able to provide proactive, round-the-clock support to its growing customer base – which spans both the West and East Coasts, and even includes some overseas business.

“Some of our clients have 24-hour businesses,” Spiro says. “It simply isn’t feasible to hire staff to work all night long, unless we’re prepared to raise our prices and pass that on to our clients.” Continuum’s technical support teams ensure Scott doesn’t have to worry about that.

Spiro says that his company’s clients are looking for a technology provider that understands their business, understands what their unique goals are, and can maintain a personal relationship with them. “Leveraging services from Continuum allows us to pivot and focus on what’s important to our clients.”

The People Behind the Platform

With Continuum RMM, CSG is able to greatly simplify remote monitoring and IT management. But as Spiro notes, it’s important to look beyond the software. “The technology is important, but you’ve got to focus on the quality of the people – because when you’re having a problem, being able to reach that key person on the weekend makes a massive difference.”

That’s where Continuum’s NOC and Help Desk stand out. Technical teams at Continuum’s NOC work to remediate issues and close tickets behind the scenes, while the company’s U.S.-based Help Desk fields incoming calls and handles end user support. With hundreds of certified technical experts supporting CSG, Spiro knows he can bring on new clients with confidence.

“It’s a lot easier for us to leverage services like Continuum’s NOC and Help Desk to allow us to bring on clients,” he said. “[It’s much] faster than it would be for us to hire all of those folks on our own.”

And the benefits don’t stop there. In addition to the NOC’s backend support, and the Help Desk’s frontline assistance, Spiro also appreciates the experience and expertise provided by Continuum’s leadership and non-technical teams. “There are a lot of quality individuals that work at Continuum. Being able to get their insight into our space, into the channel, and our business, has been really helpful as I’ve grown my company.”

A Lasting Partnership

Spiro says that he’s not the only one benefiting from Continuum’s services and support – his customers are enjoying those benefits as well. “They’re benefiting from an increased service level that I and my team have been able to provide based on the things we’ve learned from the Continuum team and other partners.”

“We vet our partners and our vendors,” Scott says. “Continuum has been a really strong vendor.” And because Continuum is 100% channel-exclusive, Spiro knows that the company really does have his best interests in mind. “Our success is tied in with Continuum’s success,” he notes. “Professionally and personally, that’s been a big deal for me.”

Looking ahead, Spiro says he’s excited about the future – and he’s also looking forward to attending Navigate, Continuum’s annual user conference, later this year. “I’m going to take some time outside of my business to think, to take a look and see how I’m running things. Is there something I can tweak to do better? How can I save some money, and how can I build a better service delivery mechanism? That’s really what Continuum’s about.”

About Computer Solutions Group
Founded in 1996, CSG began with a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses like yours get a real return on their technology investments. Since then, we have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support, service and products that allow our clients to get ahead of the competition and achieve greater success. Our purpose at CSG is to create business success and peace of mind for our customers by providing the absolute best IT services, education, and products that enhance corporate and personal productivity.

About Scott Spiro
A Technology Advisor based in Los Angeles, Scott is the author of the book, “The Business Owner's Essential Guide to IT & All Things Digital,” which recently landed him on the CBS Evening News, KTLA Channel 5 and in the Los Angeles Times.

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