Business challenge

To help its customers achieve key business objectives, DS Tech needed to spend less time dealing with signal noise and RMM platform management.


DS Tech leverages comprehensive Continuum services to deliver high-quality support and protection around the clock.

  • Continuum Command, backed by the Continuum NOC, provides 24x7 maintenance and support
  • Continuum Recover safeguards customer data with high-quality BDR services
  • Continuum Fortify, backed by the Continuum SOC, protects customers from cyberthreats
  • Continuum Assist Dedicated Tech puts a skilled Continuum technician under DS Tech’s direct management
  • Continuum Assist Tech Advantage helps DS Tech deliver custom projects and ad hoc work for customers
Business Impact

Quality – More accurate and actionable alerts have shrunk open tickets to 1/10 the previous average
Revenue – EBITDA has doubled in a single year, with revenue up 16 percent
Business – Able to provide enterprise-level services at SMB prices, DS Tech can win larger customers and sign larger deals

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