Ann Westerheim of Ekaru, success story

Ann Westerheim


Ekaru Westford, Massachusetts


Business Challenge

Ekaru was looking for a partner who could help them provide comprehensive, 24x7 IT support and services to a growing customer base.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform, and U.S.-based Help Desk.


Thanks to the scalable nature of Continuum’s support and services, Ekaru is able to provide consistent, high-quality services to their customers – without having to face the high labor costs and uncertain staffing requirements that plague many traditional MSPs.

"Our goal is to grow 20% this year. Having Continuum’s staff backing us up to make sure we can support our customer needs will be critical in achieving that growth."

Ekaru Success Story

In the world of IT, effective customer support is an absolute necessity. When experiencing a problem, users expect fast, professional and courteous service. Thanks to Continuum’s U.S.-based Help Desk, Ann Westerheim, Founder and President at Ekaru, knows her company can deliver exactly that.

“We can’t possibly staff our organization to support the peak load of customer requests that might come in at a given time,” says Westerheim, speaking to the episodic nature of IT and the challenge of maintaining a properly-sized staff without inflating labor costs. “Having Continuum’s Help Desk there – ready, staffed, and right by phone – that’s what we need.”

Continuum’s Help Desk is staffed with 100+ technicians who provide level 1-2 support to more than 35,000 end users via phone, email and web-based chat. The service is completely white-labeled, allowing Continuum’s MSP partners to create a unified, custom-branded experience for their customers. 

“We’re a small company,” says Westerheim. “We want to make sure we can support our bigger clients – so if five people call at the same, everybody can get help. We can’t tell people to wait in line. Having the Help Desk in place helps us get fast responses when we need them – and that’s what’s important to our customers.”

And while the Help Desk provides Ekaru’s customers with the direct technical support, expertise and issue remediation needed to be successful, the support teams at Continuum’s state of the art Network Operations Center (NOC) are constantly working behind the scenes to monitor client network and device health, minimize downtime, and troubleshoot server issues as needed.

“We’re not staffed to be able to work 24x7,” says Westerheim, noting that Continuum’s NOC can often complete work overnight or after hours – in many cases before a customer even realizes there was an issue. “It’s like nothing happened, and our customer is back in action again. That’s been real powerful for us.”

And because Continuum is a channel-exclusive provider of managed IT services, Westerheim knows that the company is invested in Ekaru’s success.

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. When we grow, Continuum grows – and they’re motivated to help us. Anytime we need help, our technical support team is ready to step in. Whatever we need, we really feel like they’re there for us.”

“We’ll often get an alert with a lot of information in it, but we only have to execute one final step,” Westerheim adds. “We don’t have to start from scratch. That really saves us time, which helps us grow.”

Frits Riep, Senior Technology Advisor at Ekaru, echoes Ann’s sentiments. “I’ve worked with Continuum for several years,” says Riep. “They’ve been a major technology partner for Ekaru, and we’ve really embraced their services because they complement the work we’re doing.”

“Our role is to make sure that our clients have the best possible services, that things are done behind the scenes in a timely manner, and that we take care of them proactively,” he adds. “Continuum helps us achieve those goals.”

“Our goal is to grow by 20% this year,” Westerheim says. “Having Continuum’s staff backing us up to make sure we can support our customer needs will be critical in achieving that growth.”

About Ekaru

Ekaru’s mission is to make your IT system a strategic asset and allow you to focus on your business. We have the technical knowledge to keep your business systems running smoothly and the business technology perspective to help you plan your IT growth as your business expands. Because we deliver such a deep and broad skill set, you can stop worrying about technology and focus on your core business.

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