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After several years of success with Continuum Vault, owner Robert Smith and the team at eProsper had concerns about transitioning to Continuum’s new BDR platform.


Continuum Recover - Continuum’s new fully-managed backup and disaster recovery platform.


eProsper has successfully transitioned their customers from Vault to Continuum Recover, and the new platform offers greater insights, faster data restore times and stronger technical support than its predecessor.

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“We have much more information available to us in Continuum Recover than we did with Vault.”

The Evolution of Continuum Recover: eProsper’s Transition from Vault to Continuum Recover

eProsper® is a full-service IT provider based in Toronto, Canada. The company was founded in 2011 by Robert Smith with the goal of providing enterprise-level technology support and services to businesses of all sizes and across all industries in the area. Thanks to the company’s partnership with Continuum, Smith and his team have been able to do just that.

“Our model is a bit unique in that we don’t simply go out and try to onboard as many customers as possible; we hand-pick our clients and have a slower, more targeted growth plan,” Smith says. “And Continuum has really helped us grow over the last few years.”

eProsper became a Continuum partner in 2013 and immediately began leveraging the company’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) and Vault backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services.

“I loved Vault; it was very solid,” says Smith. “We ran restores of Exchange data, SQL data, files and more – it always worked the way it was supposed to.”

When Continuum announced the launch of Continuum Recover – a new BDR platform which would replace Vault – Smith had a number of concerns about transitioning over to new technology.

“Like any big change, it was concerning up front,” he says. “I had a list of about a dozen questions, and together we worked through each one individually. Continuum’s support teams walked me through each item and showed me how everything would be done.”

Continuum Recover is a powerful, fully-managed backup and disaster recovery platform for IT service providers. Complete with robust data protection, secure and dependable cloud storage and a range of local and cloud-based backup options, it integrates seamlessly with Continuum RMM and enables the company’s partners to deliver a complete IT management solution to their clients.

“We have much more information available to us with Continuum Recover than we did with Vault,” Smith explains. “The Continuum Recover dashboard is now directly connected to our IT Support Portal and RMM data, and has a stronger user interface. The process of recovering files is also much faster and simpler with Continuum Recover than it was with Vault.”

“The transition ended up being much smoother than we anticipated, and we received phenomenal support from Continuum during the process,” he adds. “We formatted the hard drives, plugged in a USB drive to install the new software, and we were up and running within an hour. It was perfect.”

BDR is a key component in eProsper’s portfolio, and the company supports a wide variety of vertical applications each with unique data retention and recovery requirements.

“We have more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and we serve a number of specialized markets – manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, finance, construction, agriculture and more,” Smith explains. “In these verticals, we often see software or machines that most people really don’t understand; uptime is critical on these devices, and in some cases downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour.”

Smith is impressed with the added flexibility that Continuum Recover provides over its predecessor – including the ability to customize retention points, monthly billing with no annual commitment, and more.

“The ability to customize retention points and schedules is very important because different clients have unique needs,” he says. “And when evaluating Continuum Recover, I wanted the NOC to demonstrate the spin-up of a restore point – and it was literally just a few clicks and the data was there. It was lightning fast.”

Smith says these faster restore times are a key differentiator for the Continuum Recover platform, and both the eProsper team and the company’s customers are enjoying the benefits of this new technology.

“It’s hard when we’ve got someone who’s sweating because they just spent 20 hours working on a document and then lost it – and they’re sitting over our shoulder just wanting to see it come back. The faster we can bring it back, the happier they are.”

“Continuum Recover is an easy sell to anyone who has been in business for a while, because they’ve experienced the pain of data loss at some point – and they don’t want it to happen again,” says Smith. “When we can show them every day that backups are executing successfully, that makes for an easy sale.”

Looking back on the transition from Vault to Continuum Recover, Smith is confident his team made the right decision to leverage Continuum’s new BDR platform.

“In IT, if you’re not willing to keep up with change and adapt, you’re going to be left behind,” he notes. “We knew that Continuum was bringing the software supporting Continuum Recover in-house to maintain full control over it rather than depend on a third party, so we put our faith in that and moved forward.”

“We’ve been very pleased with the transition of all of our Vault clients to Continuum Recover. The new platform is far more robust, the integration with the management portal is superior, and restores are much faster and have worked flawlessly. Continuum has done a great job in bringing this new solution to market.”

About eProsper
eProsper brings more than 20 years of experience to satisfy a wide range of companies’ IT needs. eProsper’s expertise covers the IT requirements for the manufacturing sector and for small business operators. The company is committed to building profit for small operators working with fixed budgets. Robert Smith is eProsper’s founder and principal. For more information, visit:




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