Nick Moran Evolve IT Australia

Nick Moran, Managing Director, Evolve IT Australia


Evolve IT Australia
Melbourne, Australia


Business Challenge

Evolve IT was searching for an intelligent RMM platform and a provider who could offer greater back-end support, allowing them to focus on fortifying customer relationships.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform.


Evolve IT is able to complement day-to-day tasks and IT management with Continuum’s NOC, empowering in-house technicians to focus more on client relationships and business development.

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“We decided to partner with Continuum based on one simple reason: to put our team in front of our customers more often. With the introduction of remote access technologies many years ago, I’ve felt that IT support has been lacking that personal touch that was previously there. Working with Continuum has allowed us to bring that back.”

Continuum Empowers Evolve IT Australia to Fortify Customer Relationships and Offer More Strategic and Profitable Services

Evolve IT Australia has been specialising in solving business pain points and assisting organisations with their digital transformation for more than two decades. The Melbourne-based MSP is dedicated to delivering outstanding service to its small- and medium-sized customers across Australia. By using technology to break down barriers, Evolve IT is able to deliver greater impact to their customers, while focusing on their company passion of creating and strengthening communities.

Before partnering with Continuum in 2016, Evolve IT spent some years searching for the right partner to help them successfully build out their managed IT services business, trying many remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions along the way. From a technical perspective, the company was able to manage its customers well, but soon found that routine IT maintenance was taking precious time and resources away from their customer relationships.

In their search for a more efficient RMM solution, Evolve IT found Continuum and learned how Continuum RMM and its integrated Network Operations Centre (NOC) could provide the behind-the-scenes support they needed to refocus their team’s attention on their valued customers.

“We decided to partner with Continuum based on one simple reason: to put our team in front of our customers more often,” says Nick Moran, Managing Director at Evolve IT Australia. “With the introduction of remote access technologies many years ago, I’ve felt that IT support has been lacking that personal touch that was previously there. Working with Continuum has allowed us to bring that back.”

Evolve IT leverages Continuum RMM, an intelligent remote monitoring and management solution designed to give visibility into every aspect of customer IT environments. The solution, which offers various support levels and four products including Server Care, Desktop Care, Network Care and Mobile Care, is also integrated with Continuum’s 700+ NOC technicians, who act as a direct extension of Evolve IT’s team.

With technical teams at Continuum’s NOC providing proactive monitoring, problem resolution and expertise across a number of different technology platforms and services, the technical staff at Evolve IT is able to maximize their full skillset and focus on driving more meaningful customer engagement.

“We chose Elite Sever Care to provide the highest level of support for our customers,” explains Moran. “Working closely with the NOC allows us to oversee management, while at the same time allowing for more strategic work and facetime with our customers. The level of service that Elite provides enables us to better support our customers’ needs, and we’ve seen an increase in our customer relationships because of it.”

Not only does Evolve IT benefit from longer-lasting and more profitable customer relationships, Continuum’s powerful combination of software and services enables Evolve IT to operate more efficiently, better-support their growing client base and empower their technical team to take on more strategic projects.

“Evolve IT has grown over 20 percent year-on-year since the introduction of Continuum into our business,” says Moran. “By leveraging Continuum RMM and the NOC team, we’ve been able to redeploy resources that were chewing up internal time for our Professional Services team to do more strategic engagements.”

The Continuum team has been a large support system for Evolve IT, especially when it comes to local business. When Continuum first expanded into the APAC region, Evolve IT was eager to start a partnership, recognizing the investments the company made in establishing a quality team who could help Evolve IT address the Australian market needs and challenges.

“It’s important for us to work with a team that recognizes the challenges we’re going through as an MSP on a local level, as well as the challenges our customers are going through,” explains Moran. “Continuum has done a fantastic job in understanding the APAC region, in particular Australia, providing us with support and products that can continually be developed and improved to fit our customer base.”

In conjunction with Continuum’s products, Evolve IT also benefits from the company’s recourses dedicated to partner success and education. Continuum University, the company’s self-paced online learning centre, equips Evolve IT Australia’s technical team with the training and knowledge they need to best serve their customers.

“Continuum University is gold for our staff,” states Moran. “It forms a key component for our technical onboarding at Evolve IT. Continuum University helps us ensure that our technical staff are well-trained and proficient in all aspects of Continuum’s products in order for us to provide the best outcome for our customers.”

Looking at Evolve IT’s overall partnership with Continuum—and the potential for future growth—Moran cites the ability to fulfil the every need of their customers as one of the things his team values most.

“Partnering with Continuum has allowed Evolve IT to provide the best service for our customers, whilst all the behind-the-scenes work is skillfully taken care of,” says Moran. “It’s pleasing to see that Continuum has shown a real investment in the Australian IT community. We’re looking forward to a long-lasting relationship and engaging more with Continuum’s platform,” he adds. “We’ve already started exploring Continuum Security, and with Continuum BDR now available in the APAC region, there’s real potential for us to offer business continuity services and protect all customer data with a unified platform.”

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