Business challenge

As Frontier Business Products developed its MSP offerings, the company needed a platform and partner capable of providing scalable and highly profitable RMM and BDR solutions.


FBP uses integrated Continuum solutions for RMM, backup and recovery, and help desk services.

  • Continuum Command provides monitoring and management backed by the Continuum NOC
  • Continuum Recover provides disaster recovery with restores 75 percent faster than the previous solution
  • Continuum Assist Help Desk resolves user issues quickly while allowing FBP staff to focus on revenue
Business Impact

Continuum helps FBP increase its margins, expand its scope of services, operate more efficiently, and deliver better support to its customer base.
Quality–Customer restores can be completed 75 percent faster with less difficulty
Revenue– Monthly recurring revenue for backup and recovery services has doubled
Business– Outsourced technical work allows FBP to shift focus to driving revenue

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