Jason Gay


G2 Technology Group
Boston, Massachusetts



Business Challenge

G2 was searching for an integrated platform that would allow the company to successfully scale while maintaining the same levels of support and consistency their customers have grown to expect.


Continuum’s fully-integrated RMM and NOC platform, and U.S.-based Help Desk.


G2’s partnership with Continuum has led to higher revenue numbers, greater profitability, and has allowed the company to successfully scale and onboard new clients – and day-to-day support from Continuum’s NOC and Help Desk allows G2’s employees to focus on client relationships and strategic growth.

"Thanks to the Continuum platform, we see higher revenue numbers, greater profitability, and in turn we're able to invest money back into the business - and back into our employees."

With Continuum’s Platform, G2 Enjoys Greater Revenue and Profitability

G2 Technology Group was founded in 2009 with the goal of becoming the most referred and sought-after technology consulting firm in the Greater Boston Area. The company provides a variety of IT services and related support, including network management, virtualization, cloud computing, and more – and thanks to their partnership with Continuum, G2 has been able to greatly expand the scope of their services and scale the business to new heights.

“Thanks to the Continuum platform, we see higher revenue numbers, greater profitability, and in turn we’re able to invest money back into the business – and back into our employees,” says Jason Gay, Director of Managed Services at G2.

G2 leverages Continuum’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform, a SaaS solution that allows users to easily monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices and other client endpoints. The software is directly supported by Continuum’s industry-leading Network Operations Center, a state of the art facility with nearly 600 technicians who act as a direct extension of G2’s workforce by providing 24x7x365 monitoring, issue remediation, and more.

“We’ve only got five or six engineers right now,” Gay says. “We find it very helpful to have a NOC that we can rely on, because we don’t have someone on-call 24x7 to deal with issues as they come up. The NOC also helps us with issues that are outside of our skillset, or require more bandwidth or capacity than we have at a given time.”

G2 also leverages Continuum’s Help Desk, a U.S.-based support center that provides a variety of end-user services, troubleshooting and problem resolution for desktop issues. The service is white-labeled, helping G2 maintain a seamless brand experience with their customers, and offers multiple service levels designed to provide support during business hours, after hours, or 24x7.

“Continuum’s Help Desk has been incredibly helpful to us,” says Gay. “It’s expensive to hire resources in the Boston area. The Help Desk allows us to take on more clients without having to hire additional employees.”

In addition to helping G2 successfully scale and onboard new clients, Continuum’s Help Desk has also helped the company expand their technical support capabilities.

“The Help Desk has enabled us to expand our offering as a business,” Gay says. “We’ve found that we can now offer additional services to our customers that we normally wouldn’t have – and because those services are included in Continuum’s fixed Help Desk cost, we can cover them under our same support agreement. We’re passing the savings along to our customers, and they’re getting more bang for their buck.”

And as far as G2’s technical staff is concerned, they’ve also benefitted from the Continuum partnership.

“Our engineers and technicians love working with the Continuum platform, because they know there are several hundred folks that have their back; and by using the Help Desk, we’re able to stretch the knowledge of our own employees and personnel. Our technicians are tired of dealing with password resets and spyware issues – thanks to Continuum, I can push them to say ‘take on some of this more challenging work’. I have more time to sit with them and really dig into a given problem.”

Continuum is a channel-exclusive provider of managed IT services, meaning the company only partners with Managed IT Services Providers (MSPs) and IT Solution Providers (ITSPs). And because Continuum’s success is dependent on the success of its partners, Gay knows his company can always get direct support and attention when they need it.

“I love the partnership we have with Continuum,” says Gay. “Never in my experience have I had a partnership that’s been so open. We have a standing conference call every two weeks, and the beauty of it is that we’re both working toward the same thing. Continuum has been incredibly receptive to feedback.”

It’s a partnership that’s built on trust and transparency, and gives Gay confidence and peace of mind that G2’s customers are receiving the best available support every day.

“The Continuum platform really means a lot to G2 and our employees. And by extending our services through Continuum’s NOC and Help Desk, we know we’re not going to have an issue that goes unresolved. Continuum will work with us to ensure that all of our customers’ issues are fixed.”

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