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Jesse Armstrong


Greystone Technology Group Inc. Denver, Colorado Also serves Fort Collins, Boulder, and Colorado Springs


Business Challenge

Offer customers the most efficient monitoring services possible.


Continuum’s remote monitoring & management (RMM) software, IntelliMonitoring service.


“We’re able to leverage Continuum’s experience in monitoring customer systems to better understand what sort of things we should be looking for across our entire client base instead of trying to figure them out.” - Jesse Armstrong, CEO, Greystone Technology Group Inc.

"Using Continuum’s tools, we’re able to recognize our customers’ server problems before they even surface. It’s great.”

Greystone Perfects Customer IT Experiences Using Continuum

When it comes to Greystone Technology Group’s relationship with Continuum, CEO Jesse Armstrong gets straight to the point – Continuum keeps his company from learning the hard way.

In particular, the Denver-based managed IT services provider (MSP) appreciates the efficiency gains realized through Continuum’s IntelliMonitoring service, which employs advanced troubleshooting logic to dramatically reduce resolution cycles – and ensures the best customer service experiences possible.

“Continuum understands the business we’re in and they have some great ideas that provide value and help us better serve our clients,” noted Jesse. “We’re able to leverage their network operation center’s (NOC) experience in monitoring customer systems and address related needs quickly – often before anyone even realizes there’s an issue.”

In one instance, the IntelliMonitoring service delivered in a big way. “The majority of our customers run Dell equipment so we’re much more familiar with those systems,” Jesse explains. “Then one day, we picked up a customer who was using HP. But by using Continuum’s RMM tool, we were able to find and address a problem that we would never have found on our own until it was too late. If we were using any other product, we would have to experience the error at least once, and then set an alert.”

It’s a trial-and-error process, particularly when dealing with new systems, and can be very time-consuming. “Some of the more complex things that need to be monitored, you often don’t even recognize as a potential problem until they fail. The IntelliMonitoring service automatically determines what to monitor,” Jesse comments.

And while IT downtime is rarely tolerated well by anyone, it’s especially a problem for Greystone’s client base, which is dominated by heavily- regulated organizations in the financial, healthcare, and professional services industries, as well as local governments.

“These industry sectors are ‘mission critical’ — meaning that IT system failures can have immediate and severe repercussions. In addition, healthcare and financial services especially, have to adhere to laws and regulations that mandate specific security levels and govern administration of certain data elements and customer information,” said Jesse. “In other words, the IT behind these systems has to be air tight.”

Greystone has relied on Continuum now for several years – initially as a Zenith Infotech partner – and appreciates the growing attention to service excellence he’s seen from its leadership team as well as their emphasis on product enhancements.

“They’re definitely interested in the tools we need to be successful and they listen to our needs,” said Jesse. “And while we’re truly impressed with the solution and its dynamic ability to recognize problems, what really matters most are our relationships – with our customers, employees and vendors. We place the needs of our customers first and look for like-minded business partners. Continuum clearly does the same.”

About Greystone
Founded in 2001, Greystone Technology Group Inc. is strictly a technology services company. The Denver-based business calls its signature services package, “TotalCare,” which aims to “provide a complete IT department for your business with a flat-fee guarantee.” Services include network and user support, system administration, planning and strategy, backup and disaster recovery and vendor management.

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