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After being frustrated by a number of business continuity platforms, Itek was searching for a new solution that would meet the needs of their varied client base without straining or exhausting their internal resources.


Continuum’s Continuum Recover platform, a fully-managed BDR platform built specifically to meet the needs of modern MSPs.


Continuum Recover robust features and direct NOC support free Itek’s in-house staff to focus on business growth and client relationships, rather than spend their time monitoring, managing and troubleshooting client backups.

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“Tru-Verify is fantastic, because it helps us understand and confirm that backups are working. With other solutions, we often would realise that backups had actually failed despite a screenshot saying that they were successful.”

Continuum’s Fully-Managed BDR Platform Empowers Itek’s Staff to Focus on High-Value Work and Strategic Growth

Based in Fife, Scotland, Itek Systems Management has been providing IT solutions and consulting services to businesses of all sizes for more than 13 years. The company is committed to forming long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with its clients—and thanks to Continuum Recover, Continuum’s fully-managed backup and disaster recovery (BDR) platform, Itek can deliver 24x7x365 IT and business continuity services to customers.

“Continuum Recover is a breath of fresh air for our team,” says Andrew Bousie, Technical Services Manager at Itek. “Our technicians no longer complain about having to execute certain tasks or set up hardware—we can basically plug Continuum Recover into a box and hit ‘go’. We can even repurpose older hardware for use with Continuum Recover—it really allows us to configure the solution to suit the needs of each of our clients.”

Continuum Recover is a unique platform which combines a powerful feature set with direct support from Continuum’s Network Operations Centre (NOC). With 700+ technicians absorbing day-to-day BDR functions including monitoring, testing, troubleshooting and more, Itek’s staff is free to focus on growing the business.

“The fact that Continuum Recover is a fully-managed product has enabled our technical team to focus more of their time on client-facing tasks and resolving critical issues,” Bousie explains. “Rather than babysitting backups, our employees can take on tasks that they enjoy—which really benefits the company. Continuum Recover has freed us up significantly, and saving that time is a great benefit for us.”

Itek initially partnered with Continuum to deliver remote monitoring and management (RMM) services to its clients, and when Bouise heard about the launch of Continuum Recover he was excited about its potential as well as the opportunity to further-leverage Continuum’s technical staff and resources.

“We’d been looking forward to Continuum Recover coming to the UK for quite some time,” he recalls. “We felt it was the ideal solution to help us fulfill our clients’ backup needs, and we were already familiar with the quality of Continuum’s products and services.”

“In the past, backup and disaster recovery had always been a bane for our technical team,” he adds. “The solutions we’ve worked with each had their own issues and challenges, and we weren’t getting the support we required. We needed a solution that was easy to install, manage, and recover—and after testing Continuum Recover, we were delighted to find that it worked best in all of those areas.”

With powerful features like Tru-Verify™, which automatically verifies the integrity of recovery points by providing a time-lapse video of the entire boot process, Itek is confident that client data protected by Continuum Recover is both secure and accessible when needed.

“Tru-Verify is fantastic, because it helps us understand and confirm that backups are working,” Bousie explains. “With other solutions, we often would realise that backups had actually failed despite a screenshot saying that they were successful; and we had no context as to where those backups were going wrong. With Tru-Verify, we can see the entire process from start to finish and understand where failures occur, which has given us much more faith and confidence that we’re not getting any false positives.”

Continuum Recover’s single pane of glass enables Itek to easily manage all client backups from a centralised location, and seamless integration with Continuum Command provides further efficiency and connectivity—allowing Itek to deliver complete, comprehensive end-to-end IT management and data protection to their clients.

“The integration is a key component for us,” says Bousie. “The fact that Continuum Recover is built into the same dashboard that we use on a daily basis is what makes it so manageable. The portal also makes it very easy for our engineers to go in and see exactly what’s happening at any given time.”

“With products we’ve used in the past, we had to scroll through pages and pages of data to check different things, and that became very tedious,” he adds. “Continuum Recover simplifies that process and allows us to quickly view what’s happening and where we are with our backups, which is much more convenient for us.”

Looking at their overall relationship with Continuum, Bouise cites the level of support and assistance Itek receives as something that really stands out to his team.

“The support we get from Continuum is unparallelled,” he says. “The UK team is always in contact with us and asks how they can help. This partnership has helped us become a superior IT provider for our clients, and we know that Continuum will be there to help us we continue to move our business forward.”

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